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So far today…. May 8, 2008

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So far today i have

1.  done a load of dished

2.  done 2 loads of laundry

3. took a shower and shaved my legs!!!

4.  finished up the cat toys for the swap i’m in

5.  made a shark for Adrian

6.  vaccumed the living room!

For me that’s alot done considering it’s only 2pm and i woke up at 7am.  So, here is the last cat toy i made:

  It’s lumpy and shaped funny cause instead of fiberfill i sewed a little ‘thing’ filled with catnip and stuck it in the bird.  The free pattern is here:


This was my favorite project today~ i started it last night and really did the bulk of it just now:

  Shaaaaaaark!!!!  Also we could do the ‘jaws’ theme!  I had bought Adrian a new set of bed sheets with sharks all over it, and when i found this pattern on ravelry i just had to make it!!

  Here we have the shark posing on the shark sheets.  He feels like he’s home so i’ll just leave him there for now.

Free pattern is here:

(right under the pic is the link to the english pattern)


And who knew that cats liked corn?!?

  Sunshine sure does!!  Notice that she’s totally skipped over the mac & cheese that all the other cats would eat first (and did!)  And on a gross note: cats have the same ‘result’ from eating corn as people do.  YUCK!!!!





4 Responses to “So far today….”

  1. Jane Says:

    I love the shark! I am going to have to figure that one out.

    BTW, the kitties are getting BIG!


  2. Rachel Says:

    I LOVE that bird! The expression is priceless!! Might need to make me one of them too…

  3. Jen Says:

    I need to get a picture, we have a new ‘pet’ opossum who comes in the garage while we’re out here working, and eats out of the cat food bag. It’s a baby so it’s still cute.

    Anyway, make a possum!

  4. Melissa Says:

    I love the green bird! he looks just like my parrotlet gilbert. I will have to make that one. thank you for the pattern!

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