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What’s one more, really! May 21, 2008

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So i’m just sitting in the living room watching tv and in runs Tasha with a kitten.  And it’s not orange.  And she hands it to me and lets me know that there are more over at the red house.  I’m a sucker for little kittens, so of course i went up the street to see them.  Poor little babies are ‘outdoor’ cats, with a pile of half chewed up fish sticks to eat.  There were 5 altogether, and there was one black and white one that was just so scared of people he was hissing and scratching at our hands!  I reached in behind the box and then had Madaleine grab him as he backed away from me~ after like 10 minutes he calmed down though. 

Madaleine saw Luis’s car pull into our driveway so we thought it would be hilarious to take all 5 kittens home and pretend that we were keeping them~ Luis totally thought we were serious and was all ‘oh my god, no way!’!!!!

After playing with them for a bit and enjoying non-orange kitties we started bringing them back.  And then Tasha started.

1. Poor kitten, we have to feed it first.

2. wait mama, he’s thirsty

3. he likes our living room

4. he likes our house

5. But i’m gonna miss him ( insert pouty face)

6. he’s my baby kitty (insert first stages of crying)

7. baby kitty, baby kitty, baby kitty (insert crocodile tears, blubbering, and ‘death grip’ on kitten)


And then Luis comes downstairs and goes ‘i knew it.  the second you came in here with those.’  And i’m all ‘whatever’.  But really, the poor kitty has little eye infection that i’ve already cleaned off and put leftover eye drops in.  I gotta take him to the vet today. 

The condition for keeping the kitten?  Not only do i have to find homes for the babies here (already have!), but i have to find homes for at least 2 of the previous kitties.  Actually, Luis already has, it’s the same girl that has the other orange one. 

Our brand new kittens name?

Alex!  Tasha thought long and hard and came downstairs with Adrian to announce his new name

 He can haz cheezeburgers!!!


Here he is sleeping next to Balto:

 kindof a crappy pic, but you can see the eye crust on his eyes!  yuck! 

And here he is fitting in with the other cats:


As for amigurumi, Madaleine drew a picture of a mushroom house and i did my best to make her one:


I’ll post the pattern  a bit later




6 Responses to “What’s one more, really!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Nat, omg! So where are the kitties now? I want more pictures of them!! I need a home for mine, so I can start to ‘replace’ them with some that don’t poop all over the house. Ok, Sasha just needs to go, and Sadie needs a good home because I love her and she’s older. But she pees too much. Alex can stay.

  2. Jen Says:

    Steph, all your cats pee and poop everywhere. How many has it been now? And what do they have in common? Just sayin’ is all.

    Alex is now the black sheep of the herd! Too cute.

  3. Heidi Says:

    Hey at this point one more really doesn’t make a difference. You know what they say, “cats are like potato chips, you can’t just have one!”

    BTW I love your kellogs bowl with the cat food in it!! I have a whole set myself and use it time and again for kitty krunchies.


  4. Nathalie Says:

    LOL! One more really doesn’t make a difference!! We’ve only got that one bowl left out of the set and it’s perfect for cats!

  5. Zuleika Says:

    Hi there, I found your blog through ravelry. Your kittens are adorable, and I totally understand bringing in stray kitties. I’ve been there before! 🙂

    I love the mushroom by the way. It reminds me of Super Mario Bros.

  6. sweb4us Says:

    gnat, I was referred to your blog site because of your awesome crochet patterns, but those kitties just amazed me!!! I have been looking for a female orange tabby cat to adopt for years now, and every time someone’s cat has one it seems to be male. If you live anywhere near TN and would be willing to let me adopt a female from a future litter, please e-mail me @ Thanks so much – your feline family is adorable!!!

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