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Kitty beds! May 25, 2008

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Adrian is so addicted to the computer that anytime it’s not his turn, he throws a big ole’ baby hissy fit.  Not cool.  So, to keep him from driving me crazy while it was Madaleine’s turn, we made a couple kitty beds with the sewing machine!  His favorite part was ‘driving’ the machine while i fed the fabric through.

This is the first one we made, and it’s specifically for Alex and Milkshake:

  Milkshake LOVES it!

  And if you’re wondering why the kitties tails are usually wet in the pics, it’s cause they keep stepping/sitting in poop after they go and i have to keep rinsing them off!!  Barf!!


 I know! Awwww!!


Then i remembered that i had some fishy fabric from a while ago, and Adrian thought it would be perfect for a giant bed for the baby kittens!


  Can you see where the kids ‘tried’ to help me paint when we first moved in the house?!!  Under the desk in Adrian’s room is where the kittens live.


Tasha was also playing with my camera today, her favorite thing to do is take loooooong movies of her walking around the house talking.  And taking bad ‘surprise’ pictures of me.  Here is a ‘booby’ shot when i handed her one of the kittens:



I’m also almost done with a crocheted elephant, so i’ll post that a bit later~ i.e. when i’m done!

Here is the elephant!



3 Responses to “Kitty beds!”

  1. bluekelebek Says:

    How do you survive in all this kitty love cuteness? I would just faint with all the little baby kitties around. How many are there in the house now?

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    OMG! There are a total of 16 cats in my house!!!

  3. Jane Says:

    You got babies again! They are really cute. One of these days yu are going to have to move to a bigger house! LOL

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