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More stuff May 29, 2008

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Sorry, my head hurts and i can’t think of a title for  this post!! 

I finished some projects this week, the first being an elephant from a noah’s ark crochet book:



Next i made a pear:

 The free pattern for this is at


And i ordered a German ami book (  and made the snake:

  I followed the directions fine, so what’s wrong with it?  Well, my color choice!  You know when you take that test at the doctors for like ulcers or whatever and they have you drink that nasty barium stuff?  Well, this snake is what your poo looks like!!!  Gross!!!


Here are my kitties while i’m trying to crochet:


029-3.jpg picture by gnathalie2  That is Sunshine in my lap while i’m trying to read the german patterns!!

And how about some cool stuff other people made?!!!

   A turtle from mccrowthers!!


Want another one?!

  This one is so tiny!!!


Keep up the great work everyone!!!



6 Responses to “More stuff”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Have you seen the LOLcats on
    You should send some of the pix of your cats to there, it’s hysterical!!!!!

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    LOLOLOL!!!! I just have to figure out how to write on the photos!!

  3. Daffymommy Says:

    I just love all of your crochet things! When I saw the white snake I thought, “Oh that’s odd. Why did she crochet a sperm?…. oh it’s a snake! A white snake?”.

  4. falwyn Says:

    A white snake … like the one in the jungle book… The book book, not the movie. 🙂

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