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Sad. June 15, 2008

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So yeah, i know, there’s too many cats in my house.  I love them all, but it’s hard to find homes for them especially since it’s summer and there’s kittens all over the place.  So me and the kids and their friend all grabbed a kitty and headed over to the pound.  No big deal, i’ve brought cats there before and they’ve all been adopted out.  I also always write in huge letters ‘DO NOT KILL, CALL ME’ and leave my number. 

Well, i walk into the door and you know what they said?

“We have absolutely no room today, but we’ll have space tomorrow’.    That made me feel so sick.  They used to have a kitty/puppy rescue van that was part of the humane society, but i guess not that day.  And i know the downstairs playroom smells like kitty poo, but there is no way in hell i would ever drop off any animal for that pound’s weekly murder spree.  Bastards.

But on the plus side, Sebastian picked Milkshake to give to his girlfriend for an anniversary gift (and yes, i assured him that i do have a ‘return’ policy!)  And i found a spay/neuter van that comes by here once a week so let’s guess who’s getting fixed first?  Snowball!! 

I let James use my camera to take kitty pics, and here is the group shot he took:

  I totally understand the whole overpopulation of cats, but to think that kitten massacre is a policy of the pound is just sad.  And Snowball was still nursing the last litter when she got pregnant with these so getting her fixed then would have killed both litters. 

And this is my favorite Alex pic that James took: