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Me again July 1, 2008

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Sucky title, i know!  So, first up we have a couple kitties staying with us:

 Still doesn’t have a name, but he’s all black and no, Midnight is NOT an option!!!  I hate obvious names!

This is the second kitty, we named him Scaredy Cat cause he growled and hissed whenever you would go to pick him up.  Or if you just looked at him.  Or just walked by him. 

They are the brothers of Milkshake and Alex, and they followed Tasha home and keep coming back!!  It’s fine with me if they stay here for a while!


I made this a few days ago, and Tasha put the face on:


And here the the silly whale i finished this afternoon:



Free pattern coming soon!!!!!!






6 Responses to “Me again”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love the “whats up” picture, I laughed my butt off when I saw it!!
    I’ll think of a cool black cat name and send it to you:)

    Donnie Darko? No, too much like NKOTB. Blackie? Too obvious. Cancerous Lesion? Ok, no. Carbon? Boron? I think I’ve been studying too much…..

    I LOVE the name Dandelion!! I’ll think of one in that area. Hmmm….black flowery name……….

  2. Josefin Says:

    Nice see you write again. I was thinking about the cats the other day, and Im glad they are gonna be with you for a while. 🙂

    Like the first pic on the black cat. Why not name him something like Whitie or something? It wont be so obvious. 😉

  3. gnathalie2 Says:

    I’m glad the cats are gonna be here too, and trying to name this one is so hard!! I was thinking ‘black dahlia’ but that’s a girls name. Whitie is hilarious, though!!

  4. Ruhammie Says:

    I don’t know if you’ve named him yet, but I use to rescue momma’s and baby kittens before I got married to a husband with allergies. It always took me several weeks before naming the litter because I wanted to get to know their personality. One litter was born to a white momma with a big black patch on her side and black ears. I named her Jaden (Japanese for patch). Her babies were Marilyn (she was white with black ears and a dot on her face), brother Monroe (gray tabby), sister Norma Jean (long haired dark gray tabby) and sister Honey (light orange tabby who had a home since birth and was named by her owners). Good luck naming!

  5. Ruhammie Says:

    Sorry, I did a typo…I named the momma Kaden.

  6. Flex Says:

    Why not call that black cat Frank. He has blue eyes just like sinatra. or better yet call him Sinatra.

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