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Pattern time!! July 15, 2008

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Yup, it’s time to clear out my favorites list again!  First off, i just found this fantastic ‘how to’ site!:  (how to read patterns)  (assembly)


And warmfuzzies has a pattern for cutie pandas:



This is such an adorable keychain!!:


I’m sure i’ve posted this one before, but here is a cute little reindeer:


I’m not usually super big on blankets, but this one rocks!


fuzzy yarn?  Awesome step-by-step tutorial for a fuzzy kitty:


Yummy yummy cupcake pincushion:




More cupcakes!  But this time it’s in necklace form!:


Awwww!  Cute, fuzzy little thing!!  (sorry, can’t get the pic!)


neat-o scarf:



Guppygirl has a super cool tutorial on crochet flowers and that nifty knitter spool thingy:

  Love these!!!


Again, soooooo not a ‘square’ fan, but this one is so pretty!


When Tasha saw this she made me promise to make her one!!

pinkscarf2.jpg picture by cirka2002






This site has lots of really good patterns:


Fuji dolls!!  Michelle over at suncatcher eyes designed this:


These felted fish are knitted, but i love them!!


Cutie little monsters:


Crocheted bird puppet:


Bella dia has a cool tutorial on how to write a tutorial:


A coiled snake:




Once again, Amigurumiartist has translated another one of her AMAZING patterns!


In the sewing catagory, i found a tutorial on making a sock monkey!

It’s super step-by-step which is perfect for me!



Alice in Wonderland:


Translated japanese patterns:


Japanese patterns

cute baby rattle:  and


With this site, just click on the pic and the pattern comes up:

If you need to translate any of these patterns, use this site:





8 Responses to “Pattern time!!”

  1. Jenny Stark Says:

    Wow! Lots of great stuff here. I am super flattered that you stuck me in the mix. Thanks 🙂

  2. gnathalie2 Says:

    No problem! I have one of those spool thingys and your tutorial will come in so handy!!!!!!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Great patterns nathalie!
    thank you so much for sharing them!
    🙂 melissa

  4. Jennifer C Says:

    WOW!! What great patterns!! Thanks so much for including my scarf!!

  5. gigi Says:

    natilie if u ever want to sell any of your items or make any slid shows go to my space at msn .com

  6. suchi Says:

    God bless you for sharing them . why isnt the amigurumiartist site link not working. Thanks again

  7. […] – bookmarked by 5 members originally found by jonastko on 2008-12-07 Pattern time!! – bookmarked by 4 members originally […]

  8. Gene Ramus Says:

    This an Good blog post, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my account. Have a awesome day.

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