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One more thing! July 28, 2008

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I totally forgot about this link, i found this today at womans day, and i’m working on the penguin now!


In the words of Gomer Pyle: Surprise, Surprise!!!!

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And what is the big darn surprise??  Well, both Snowball and Sandy have an appointment to get fixed next week.  And while i’m watching tv some of the cats like to sleep/hang out on me. 

So, i’m laying there and Sandy keeps meowing at me and then all of a sudden my whole shirt is soaked.  (And this happened right after the power was out for a few hours~ super fun cause the 17yr neighbor came over we told ghost stories and he kept sneaking up behind Madaliene and shouting ‘boo’!)   Anyhow, it didn’t have that gross strong pee smell and then it hit me:  my god she’s in labor!!!  And the whole time i’m thinking there is no way cause she does not look pregnant at all~ i couldn’t even feel anything in her tummy!

So, i had kids make a super extra hurry mad dash for all available towels, i covered the couch (and my lap!) and like half an hour later she had her little girl:

Sandy and Hamster by you.

Adrian said she looked like a hamster, so that’s what we named her!  The down side to this is that after her other two kitties died i’ve been having to put her and Hamster in my lap and pet her so she’ll lie still for long enough to feed her baby.  Thank god for pay-per-view!!!

Hamster eating by you.


The other cats were kicked off their usual spots that night, and here is Milkshake and Snowball chilling on the edge of the couch:

Milkshake and Snowball by you.


So, you know how the ‘red house’ had those 5 kittens, and four of them ended up at our house and they’re ours now?  Well, earlier that day Madaleine was walking up and down the street with her friend and when she walked by the ‘red house’ the fifth kitty ran up to her.  No big deal.  Then she comes home and the kitten follows her.  Again, no big deal.  We calmly bring the kitten back home like ten freaking times and now it seems we have another kitten.  Luis has not noticed yet cause it’s orange and we have so many and me and the kids haven’t said anything either.  I wanted to put my foot down and demand that the kids keep bringing it back till it stays, but the poor thing was so hungry, she ate tons of cat food and my god the dirt and crud filled her ears they looked black!  The first thing she ate before the cat food was a bowl of cheetos so we named her Super Cheeto Friend:

Super Cheeto Friend and Sandy by you.This is her next to Sandy~ you can see the towels everywhere cause it’s right before Sandy gave birth!

And here is Adrian and Hamster:

Adrian and Hamster by you.


A couple days before this the temp outside was like 1,000 and it was so hot in the house that Tasha decided to make a kitty fort:

Dandelion sleeping by you.  Every single cat was under there sleeping!

And just for fun before i get to the crochet portion of this post, here is my favorite pic of Sunshine:

Sunshine by you.  I love my cats!!


As usual, i am always just thrilled to pieces when people make my stuff, and here are the latest creations:


En crochet from crochetville posted this pic of the fish she made with my go fish pattern (

  I LOVE those smiles!!!


And Caroline made a fancy feast fish (



And this turtle is a wonderful version of afternoon delight by mymi30:(

  The light colors look amazing!!!



And now for another ‘clearing of the favorites’:



not crochet, but extra awesome!


Monster Booties. Grr.