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Tastes like chicken! August 28, 2008

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I finished the froggy beanbag toy from an annies attic booklet, and i decided to name him ‘Chicken’

Chicken by you.

He’s named Chicken because his legs are missing~ all i can say is yummy, yummy, in my tummy!


He mainly likes to watch what’s going on, Hamster and Chicken were a bit apprehensive of each other:

Hamster and 'Chicken' by you.


He really liked watching Big Brother with me:

Chicken watching Big Brother by you.


In the end Tasha wanted to give him to a good home, so off he went to live with Kyler and Brenna:

Kyler, Brenna, and Chicken by you.





Me and Luis August 25, 2008

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The kids love going through my box of photos, but they also love not picking them up!!  Yesterday i had to pick up all the pictures off the floor and decided to organize them (2 categories: before kids and after kids!)

These three are ones i felt like scanning in today:

this one is me and Luis like a few months before i got pregnant with Madaleine.  We were at a party at Jimmy’s house:


These next two are of my little brother Nikolai (he’s a teenager now):

 We were in my room at my moms house and wanted me to take pictures of him with my necklaces on~ i was a night owl so whenever he woke up in the middle of the night for a bottle he would cry ‘Nani’ and we would lay on my bed and talk about Barney!

This is another cute one of him:





Talk to the hand! August 23, 2008

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I had the honor to test a pattern for Jane (Copperscaledragon) and i have to say that these gloves are the best.  ever.   Seriously, you know how hard it is to crochet a ‘wearable’ for a tween?  Madaleine has been begging me for fingerless gloves and she has not been fond of any of the free ones online (execpt for a couple, but they were not age appropriate) so when i agreed to test the pattern i had in mind that maybe Maddie would want them. 

SHE LOVES THEM!!!  I’m so thrilled, too!!!  They fit her perfectly and i made them in pink and she looks so cool!!! 

Here is the front/top view:

glove for Maddie by you.


And here is the back/bottom  view:

glove for Maddie by you.

The pattern calls for three buttons to be sewed on, but go figure, i didn’t have the right kind and she was too excited to wait for me to buy some so i just used black chunky yarn.

I’ll have more pics with her wearing them soon, it’s just she made me promise not to photograph her nails cause she hasn’t ‘done’ them yet!!

Copperscaledragon (link is in my blogroll) will have the pattern up soon, so everyone go buy one!!!  It’s easy to follow and they are killer!!!!!


How about those kitties?!!!

Hamster has in the last few days become a regular baby kitten~ and her new favorite thing is chewing on papers!! 

In this pic she’s got a hold of Adrian’s homework:

The kitten ate my homework! by you.


Tasha spilled a rather large cup of orange juice on her mattress that she had pulled down to the living room and ‘forgot’ to tell me.  Yuk!  I pulled it into the kitchen so Luis could put it in the garage with the rest of the ‘county dump’ pile and the kittens have taken a liking to it:

kitties in a row by you.From the bottom we have Milkshake, Dandelion, Super Cheeto Friend, and Token. 

Kitty update:  Sandy is being a total bitch and won’t feed Hamster again, but thankfully she’s old enough for ‘mushy’ cat food.  Hamster and Token love sleeping curled up with each other, and for the past week i’ve woken up to Twinkletoes curled up next to me (awwww!)  Milkshake got scratched (i think) by the mean puffy white cat and now has a really gross abcess in her face (i’ll spare you from the draining/cleaning details!)  She’s on antibiotics now, and has her playfullness back! 

House update: still smells like poo.


Here are some free patterns i’ve found this week:


Instructions on ‘x’ joining at crochetville:



I laughed so hard when i saw this!!

Cute!  It’s knitted though.  Too bad for me.


Adorable kitty cat pattern!

Miuku the cat



Beautiful butterflies:



Roll up checker board here:



happy little mushroom finger puppet free crochet pattern


A donut pincushion from crochetville:


A cup of coffee toilet paper cover:


Cute little cactus:

Cactus Side View, Nadia Priestley


Eat your veggies!

mmm, carrot


Origami crochet socks:


here is a little pattern page:


Augusto the bear!  She’s got good patterns here!


That’s it for now!



Hamster likes tuna August 17, 2008

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Poor baby Hamster has had more baths than any other kitten/cat i’ve had!!  I just hate seeing giant fleas on her, and she’s too little to scratch the hell out of my arms like the others!  For her i squeeze a bit of flea shampoo on the bathroom counter and use a q-tip to kill the individual fleas, and then rinse her off in the sink~ she is a squirmy one though!

The bath she got today sucked cause she liked her paw and got some in her mouth and she kept trying to spit it out (i think!) but it just made more bubbles come out so i had to get one of those medicine syringes for kids and fill it with water and squeeze it in the side of her mouth while holding her sideways so would all run out~ i don’t think she liked that.  At all.  But i got all the bubbles out with minimal swallowage.

So here she is all wet and scared:

Hamster hates the 'bath' by you.

Here she is just moments before the bath:

Hamster by you.  Awwwww!!


Other than being adorable and extra cute, she happens to be one of the most roly poly kitties we’ve ever had!  This is her favorite game~ it’s called ‘attack face’:

Hamster and Tasha by you. I see a flea!!


Hamsters favorite game by you.

I’ll get a pic later, but her favorite spot to sleep is the left corner of the top stair!  And when she’s hungry, she meows and climbs up one step to get to where Sandy sleeps


Some show and tell pics!!! 

I am a big fan of hostile bunni and was thrilled to see this one from Charlotte on ravelry:


I will be adding clearer instructions in my patterns soon, like decreasing and stuff ( thanks for the tip!!!)


I found this kick ass fish on flickr last night:

  They were made by clarabog~ and i LOVE the curly tails!!!!!!




PS~ You can visit or just drop by whenever you feel like it, Steph!


I am GOB!!! August 16, 2008

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My favorite show EVER is Arrested Development and i took some quizzes over at Quizilla~

The first one was ‘what Bluth are you’ and i am Buster!


For the ‘which character are you’ i was very pleased to be GOB!!!!


And the third quiz i took just made me die laughing!  It’s called ‘what famous scene are you’ and i am proud to be……. Tobias Funke  ANALRAPIST!!!!!!


I have just spent like an hour looking for a clip of that scene, but the closest i found was a ‘tribute’ thing of Tobias, so here it is:





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My house smells.  I swear my eyes burn from the stink coming out of those litter boxes!  Why not change them?  We did, but Luis went and bought the stinky ‘deoderized’ litter from Kroger.  Stink plus Stink = more stink!!

On the plus side, Luis did say he would go to Walmart on the way home and get the non-smelly cat litter.  We’ll see.

Alex and Worry Wart by you.  This is Alex and Super Cheeto Friend.  The cats love it when i buy the cases of coke.  12-pks are fun, but these are better for naps!


Worry Wart and Dandelion by you.  Dandelion and Worry Wart have been enjoying the broken living room window.  The kids were bouncing soccer balls on the front porch last year, and in an attempt to tell the kids not to do that near the windows Luis broke the window.  Good job!!


Don’t know if i put this one up yet, but i swear when i pour the cat food into the bowls it looks like we have a really, really bad case of rats~ or roaches (whichever one grosses you out more!)

Food! by you.


Free patterns online time!!!

Craftbits has a cutie little doggy!  But the pic won’t upload.


Hostile bunni LOVED this link~ hopefully not too much!!


This site has a bunch of cute projects~ not just knit/crochet


This site has crochet links:


Gorgeous necklace:


Another crochet link:


Beautiful scrap floral afghan:




More awesome stuff from Kristie!!!


A katamari hat for babies!

Katamari Prince(ss) of All Cosmos!


A mini-pie for dollhouse food:


A sunflower from Caron:














I know it’s knit, but this is cool!


Another cupcake, with French and English pattern:


Cool flowers:


Cute bag for August:


She also has a cute fish toy:



I don’t have batteries for my camera today, but i made donuts last night using this pattern:

Image of Amigurumi Doughnut    

It’s really easy and only took like an hour total





Silly little egg! August 4, 2008

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I saw this free pattern and when i made it me and Tasha just about died at how silly it is!!! 

The free pattern is here:

and you just click on the pic and either print or do ‘save as’, but i was tired and just wanted an easy/brainless pattern and this is how mine turned out:

  sorry about the dark pic, but white yarn and camera flash don’t really work out!  I ran out of glue, so Tasha got the safety eyes and just stuck them in place~ this is such a fun pattern!!!!

Tasha filled the cup with buttons and stuck scissors in to keep it balanced:

  Last night i wanted Luis to get me advil cause i had a headache, so i pinned a note to the egg and threw it downstairs~ all i could hear was him laughing!!  I made another brown one, just don’t have a pic yet!!

Oh, and as far as free patterns go, Bittersweet has an awesome one again!!!!  It’s a beaver!!!!!


I am so making one for Steph (as soon as we get rid of the fleas!!!)  When we were growing up we had rather large front teeth, which of course prompted incessent teasing from other kids, but the one name that we were called most was ‘bucky beaver’~ cruel and traumatizing at the time but now we laugh at it!!


When Hamster was first born, i would take her out of her ‘spot’ under the kitchen cabinet and make Sandy feed her on the couch next to me~ i just did not want to deal with another dead kitten~ and it was fine until Sandy decided yesterday that she liked the small couch better.  So when it’s time to feed Hamster, i move her and Sandy over to the small couch, but she sleeps with me:

Baby Hamster! by you. Awwww!!! 

With all the fleas in the house Adrian picks her up every hour to do a ‘flea check’, and i won’t let Twinkle on the couch at all cause he’s got fleas really bad ( i’m getting the fleas drops tomorrow!)

If i don’t have a cat on the couch then i end up getting bit, so this is Sandy and Super Cheeto Friend hanging out on me:

Sandy and Super Cheeto Friend by you.


How about the baby kitties?  Well, they like to sleep on the kitchen floor in the ‘sun ray spots’:

Kitty corner by you.


Another favorite spot is any coke box:

  This is Worry Wart and Alex. 

And let’s not forget the kitty litter:

Scaredy cat by you.  Scaredy likes it here.