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Silly little egg! August 4, 2008

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I saw this free pattern and when i made it me and Tasha just about died at how silly it is!!! 

The free pattern is here:

and you just click on the pic and either print or do ‘save as’, but i was tired and just wanted an easy/brainless pattern and this is how mine turned out:

  sorry about the dark pic, but white yarn and camera flash don’t really work out!  I ran out of glue, so Tasha got the safety eyes and just stuck them in place~ this is such a fun pattern!!!!

Tasha filled the cup with buttons and stuck scissors in to keep it balanced:

  Last night i wanted Luis to get me advil cause i had a headache, so i pinned a note to the egg and threw it downstairs~ all i could hear was him laughing!!  I made another brown one, just don’t have a pic yet!!

Oh, and as far as free patterns go, Bittersweet has an awesome one again!!!!  It’s a beaver!!!!!


I am so making one for Steph (as soon as we get rid of the fleas!!!)  When we were growing up we had rather large front teeth, which of course prompted incessent teasing from other kids, but the one name that we were called most was ‘bucky beaver’~ cruel and traumatizing at the time but now we laugh at it!!


When Hamster was first born, i would take her out of her ‘spot’ under the kitchen cabinet and make Sandy feed her on the couch next to me~ i just did not want to deal with another dead kitten~ and it was fine until Sandy decided yesterday that she liked the small couch better.  So when it’s time to feed Hamster, i move her and Sandy over to the small couch, but she sleeps with me:

Baby Hamster! by you. Awwww!!! 

With all the fleas in the house Adrian picks her up every hour to do a ‘flea check’, and i won’t let Twinkle on the couch at all cause he’s got fleas really bad ( i’m getting the fleas drops tomorrow!)

If i don’t have a cat on the couch then i end up getting bit, so this is Sandy and Super Cheeto Friend hanging out on me:

Sandy and Super Cheeto Friend by you.


How about the baby kitties?  Well, they like to sleep on the kitchen floor in the ‘sun ray spots’:

Kitty corner by you.


Another favorite spot is any coke box:

  This is Worry Wart and Alex. 

And let’s not forget the kitty litter:

Scaredy cat by you.  Scaredy likes it here.





6 Responses to “Silly little egg!”

  1. BitterSweet Says:

    Oh my goodness, those kitten just make me melt!! You should totally crochet little hats/scarves/mittens for them as the weather gets colder! 😉

  2. Mary Liz Says:

    Rumor has it that if you sprinkle salt in your carpets, on the couch etc, that it will kill the fleas off. I do know that you should stick a part of a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner bag, to kill the critters you vacuum up. It can’t hurt, and it may keep you from being bitten, though I do like the concept of offering a sacrifice to the flea gods!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Hey! Me and Angie were like, 10 minutes away from being at your house, but at this one intersection, Mommy said “turn right to go to Nats and turn left to come here’, so we turned right and it was the way to PTC. So we went there for a few hours. So close!! I was thinking of crashing your kitty party. And Sebastian gave me this cool shirt that says “give me more tots”. He said you hated it, so I said “ok, as long as nathalie doesn’t want it, i guess i’ll take it”. Hahahaha!!! That was SO not how the conversation went. It was more like, “you want this shirt? nat wants it too”. And I said “hell yeah, in ur face, nat!” Ok, that wasn’t it either:)

  4. Stephanie Says:

    hey i have a new email address its

  5. gnathalie2 Says:

    To Bittersweet: I can just imagine them in little hats!!!

    To Mary Liz: Years ago when we had an ant problem my mom said that putting cucumber rinds will keep them from coming in~ next morning we had a gazillion more ants!! But since salt is cheaper than veggies, i will try it~ thanks!

  6. sylvie Says:

    I ‘m just crazy of your cats, the pictures are just so beautiful , really lovely!!!!

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