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I am GOB!!! August 16, 2008

Filed under: other crap i do — gnathalie2 @ 5:51 pm

My favorite show EVER is Arrested Development and i took some quizzes over at Quizilla~

The first one was ‘what Bluth are you’ and i am Buster!


For the ‘which character are you’ i was very pleased to be GOB!!!!


And the third quiz i took just made me die laughing!  It’s called ‘what famous scene are you’ and i am proud to be……. Tobias Funke  ANALRAPIST!!!!!!


I have just spent like an hour looking for a clip of that scene, but the closest i found was a ‘tribute’ thing of Tobias, so here it is:




One Response to “I am GOB!!!”

  1. Jen Says:

    My favorite thing on youtube is where people have put together all of the clips of the Bluth family doing a chicken.

    ‘Have any of you people even SEEN a chicken?!?’


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