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P.U. August 16, 2008

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My house smells.  I swear my eyes burn from the stink coming out of those litter boxes!  Why not change them?  We did, but Luis went and bought the stinky ‘deoderized’ litter from Kroger.  Stink plus Stink = more stink!!

On the plus side, Luis did say he would go to Walmart on the way home and get the non-smelly cat litter.  We’ll see.

Alex and Worry Wart by you.  This is Alex and Super Cheeto Friend.  The cats love it when i buy the cases of coke.  12-pks are fun, but these are better for naps!


Worry Wart and Dandelion by you.  Dandelion and Worry Wart have been enjoying the broken living room window.  The kids were bouncing soccer balls on the front porch last year, and in an attempt to tell the kids not to do that near the windows Luis broke the window.  Good job!!


Don’t know if i put this one up yet, but i swear when i pour the cat food into the bowls it looks like we have a really, really bad case of rats~ or roaches (whichever one grosses you out more!)

Food! by you.


Free patterns online time!!!

Craftbits has a cutie little doggy!  But the pic won’t upload.


Hostile bunni LOVED this link~ hopefully not too much!!


This site has a bunch of cute projects~ not just knit/crochet


This site has crochet links:


Gorgeous necklace:


Another crochet link:


Beautiful scrap floral afghan:




More awesome stuff from Kristie!!!


A katamari hat for babies!

Katamari Prince(ss) of All Cosmos!


A mini-pie for dollhouse food:


A sunflower from Caron:














I know it’s knit, but this is cool!


Another cupcake, with French and English pattern:


Cool flowers:


Cute bag for August:


She also has a cute fish toy:



I don’t have batteries for my camera today, but i made donuts last night using this pattern:

Image of Amigurumi Doughnut    

It’s really easy and only took like an hour total





2 Responses to “P.U.”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hey! Angela from Australia is coming to vist for two weeks in November and we’re gonna come see you. Just a warning;)

    I want you to show me how to make the little fishies, I want lots of them to hang in the kids bathroom.

  2. Simone Says:

    Wow!!! The cats are sooo sweet…

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