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Hamster likes tuna August 17, 2008

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Poor baby Hamster has had more baths than any other kitten/cat i’ve had!!  I just hate seeing giant fleas on her, and she’s too little to scratch the hell out of my arms like the others!  For her i squeeze a bit of flea shampoo on the bathroom counter and use a q-tip to kill the individual fleas, and then rinse her off in the sink~ she is a squirmy one though!

The bath she got today sucked cause she liked her paw and got some in her mouth and she kept trying to spit it out (i think!) but it just made more bubbles come out so i had to get one of those medicine syringes for kids and fill it with water and squeeze it in the side of her mouth while holding her sideways so would all run out~ i don’t think she liked that.  At all.  But i got all the bubbles out with minimal swallowage.

So here she is all wet and scared:

Hamster hates the 'bath' by you.

Here she is just moments before the bath:

Hamster by you.  Awwwww!!


Other than being adorable and extra cute, she happens to be one of the most roly poly kitties we’ve ever had!  This is her favorite game~ it’s called ‘attack face’:

Hamster and Tasha by you. I see a flea!!


Hamsters favorite game by you.

I’ll get a pic later, but her favorite spot to sleep is the left corner of the top stair!  And when she’s hungry, she meows and climbs up one step to get to where Sandy sleeps


Some show and tell pics!!! 

I am a big fan of hostile bunni and was thrilled to see this one from Charlotte on ravelry:


I will be adding clearer instructions in my patterns soon, like decreasing and stuff ( thanks for the tip!!!)


I found this kick ass fish on flickr last night:

  They were made by clarabog~ and i LOVE the curly tails!!!!!!




PS~ You can visit or just drop by whenever you feel like it, Steph!


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