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Talk to the hand! August 23, 2008

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I had the honor to test a pattern for Jane (Copperscaledragon) and i have to say that these gloves are the best.  ever.   Seriously, you know how hard it is to crochet a ‘wearable’ for a tween?  Madaleine has been begging me for fingerless gloves and she has not been fond of any of the free ones online (execpt for a couple, but they were not age appropriate) so when i agreed to test the pattern i had in mind that maybe Maddie would want them. 

SHE LOVES THEM!!!  I’m so thrilled, too!!!  They fit her perfectly and i made them in pink and she looks so cool!!! 

Here is the front/top view:

glove for Maddie by you.


And here is the back/bottom  view:

glove for Maddie by you.

The pattern calls for three buttons to be sewed on, but go figure, i didn’t have the right kind and she was too excited to wait for me to buy some so i just used black chunky yarn.

I’ll have more pics with her wearing them soon, it’s just she made me promise not to photograph her nails cause she hasn’t ‘done’ them yet!!

Copperscaledragon (link is in my blogroll) will have the pattern up soon, so everyone go buy one!!!  It’s easy to follow and they are killer!!!!!


How about those kitties?!!!

Hamster has in the last few days become a regular baby kitten~ and her new favorite thing is chewing on papers!! 

In this pic she’s got a hold of Adrian’s homework:

The kitten ate my homework! by you.


Tasha spilled a rather large cup of orange juice on her mattress that she had pulled down to the living room and ‘forgot’ to tell me.  Yuk!  I pulled it into the kitchen so Luis could put it in the garage with the rest of the ‘county dump’ pile and the kittens have taken a liking to it:

kitties in a row by you.From the bottom we have Milkshake, Dandelion, Super Cheeto Friend, and Token. 

Kitty update:  Sandy is being a total bitch and won’t feed Hamster again, but thankfully she’s old enough for ‘mushy’ cat food.  Hamster and Token love sleeping curled up with each other, and for the past week i’ve woken up to Twinkletoes curled up next to me (awwww!)  Milkshake got scratched (i think) by the mean puffy white cat and now has a really gross abcess in her face (i’ll spare you from the draining/cleaning details!)  She’s on antibiotics now, and has her playfullness back! 

House update: still smells like poo.


Here are some free patterns i’ve found this week:


Instructions on ‘x’ joining at crochetville:



I laughed so hard when i saw this!!

Cute!  It’s knitted though.  Too bad for me.


Adorable kitty cat pattern!

Miuku the cat



Beautiful butterflies:



Roll up checker board here:



happy little mushroom finger puppet free crochet pattern


A donut pincushion from crochetville:


A cup of coffee toilet paper cover:


Cute little cactus:

Cactus Side View, Nadia Priestley


Eat your veggies!

mmm, carrot


Origami crochet socks:


here is a little pattern page:


Augusto the bear!  She’s got good patterns here!


That’s it for now!



One Response to “Talk to the hand!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hey, email me your phone number!

    Also, if you wanted to make me one of those donut pincushions for my birthday or something, that would be awesome! Just hinting.

    Ok, I’m outright asking for one. Please, Nat, will you make me a donut pincusion?!?
    I have pictures and videos for you, and will mail them soon when I get Spaced copied for you!

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