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Hostile Bunni hires help! September 30, 2008

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I’m minding my own business, as are the cats, and something yellow catches my eye:

Yellow ninja minion by you.


Seems as though Hostile Bunni hired some ninja minions to do his evil bidding!  And true to form, quick as a flash the yellow guy ninja-ed his way over for a better view (i think he wants to scope out the area before ‘attacking’)

Yellow ninja minion by you.


The ninja minion pattern is free and written by Charlotte (princessDelirium on ravelry)






Pan’s Labyrinth (spelling?)

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Yeah, i’m too tired to think about ‘correct’ spelling right now!  Madaleine was telling me about that movie months ago and i thought it was like another stupid Hellraiser type movie~ you know, with the weird guy with the crap poking out of his face?~ and a couple weeks ago it was on in the middle of the night so i figured i’d watch it.

First off, i didn’t know i had to read the darn movie, but it was cool cause the kids were asleep.  It is such a cool movie though!!  And so sad at the end, too~ but in a good way.

Tasha watched it with me a few days later, and she loved the whole ‘magic chalk’ thing~ and i found her and Madaleine and Kyler playing their version of Pan’s Labyrinth yesterday:


Here she’s drawing the door with the chalk:

010-7.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Now she has to set the hourglass and get back before it runs out:

011-5.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Oh My God!!  Hurry, before it runs out!!

012-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Whew!  She made it back before the ‘door’ shut on her, and she found her items (in this case it was whatever trinkets were hiding in the crawlspace)

009-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Yeah!  She can still be the princess of the underworld!!  Go Tasha!!




Arrested Develop-monkey! September 10, 2008

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My alltime favorite free online pattern is the monkey ( and i’ve made 3 of them this week!  Just haven’t assembled them all yet.  Why 3 monkeys?  Well, i LOVE Arrested Development so my big plan is to make each character into a monkey!!  I’ve got Tobias Funke done so far, here he is with his cutoffs:

Monkey as Tobias Funke by you.  Still have to make his glasses, and i’m in the middle of putting in his hair plugs! 

Pretty soon i’ll have them all re-creating my favorite scenes from the show~ stay tuned!!



Missing Kitties September 3, 2008

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I hate that cats go on ‘adventures’.  We’ve ‘lost’ cats to their adventures, and i don’t like it.  It’s great to think that they’re being taken care of in another home, but realistically i doubt it.

The only cat that came back after an extended 8 month adventure was Jack, he was our black and white cat that i got as a tip while delivering pizza.  He came back in fantastic condition, but then was chased off again by the mean white puffy cat.  Who, by the way, belongs to the red house that the other kittens came from.

So, the first to run off was Puffy (aka. P. Diddy, aka. Puff Daddy).  He was a giant grey, black and white extra puffy cat and had been shot in the leg.  We took him to the vet, everything was going fine, he even had a cast on but the day before his 3rd follow up visit to the vet he ran outside and has not come back.  That was 3 years ago.

The next cat missing is Pumpkin.  He went out a few months ago and has also not yet returned.  What bothers me is that he had not been picked up by the pound, and he had a nasty eye infection that i was treating him for~ so it’s doubtful anyone would take in a ‘gross’ cat! 

Here he is with a crocheted turtle:

close encounters of the kitty kind by you.


This is him with an actual snake (all morning i thought it was a toy!)

Look what the cat dragged in!! by you.

The snake was one of many critters he brought into the house, including 2 grown birds, a baby bird, and tons of frogs, salamanders, and weird hissing lizards.

here he is asleep in my bookshelf

Pumpkin by you.


And my personal favorite pic, his cat fight with Cry Baby:

Cat fight 3 aka 'reach out and touch someone you love' by you.

Cat fight 1 by you.

Cat fight 4 by you.

He didn’t win that one!!


Our last missing kitty is Balto (aka Steve Holt!)

Me and Madaleine noticed he hadn’t come in the window with the others, so i thought he’s just exploring so i left the window open all night for him.  He still hasn’t come back

Balto by you.

He LOVED sleeping on the couch~ didn’t matter who was on it!

Balto on the couch by you.

Balto loves the kitties by you.


His favorite game was ‘sneak attack’, and that was where he would randomly attack your pants/leg while you were walking by.  We had to check around corners for him!! 

He was the only cat that didn’t care if the baby kittens were on him or not:

Balto and the babies by you.

Balto and the two babies by you.

He’s been missing for 3 months.  sucks.




You are my Sunshine (Dec 14,2007- Aug 28, 2008) September 1, 2008

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Kitty pile! by you. Sunshine is one of them!


Strikin a pose! by you.


Baby kitties by you.Can’t tell which one from the flash


Two of the girls by you.She is the one in the front


My big brother by you.Sleeping with Momo


Secret hiding spot by you.She’s curled up by my leg


Cat toy by you.


Twinkle and Sunshine (copy) by you.Sunshine and Twinkletoes


Sunshine claims the yarn by you.LOVED the yarn bucket!


Three Little Kittens by you.In the middle


Good night, Sunshine! by you.She liked crawling into bed next to Tasha

008 by you.Sunshine and Balto


Sunshine by you.


Sunshine by you.She would eat the corn before touching the meat!


Gotta have turkey! by you.She’s the second in line for the sliced turkey


Sunshine and Alex by you.Her and Alex were best friends


Jan 2007-Aug 2008 by you.This is the last good picture i took of her.  Madaleine liked picking her up and giving her hugs cause she was the only cat that would put both her arms around Maddies shoulders.


I love you, Sunshine