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Missing Kitties September 3, 2008

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I hate that cats go on ‘adventures’.  We’ve ‘lost’ cats to their adventures, and i don’t like it.  It’s great to think that they’re being taken care of in another home, but realistically i doubt it.

The only cat that came back after an extended 8 month adventure was Jack, he was our black and white cat that i got as a tip while delivering pizza.  He came back in fantastic condition, but then was chased off again by the mean white puffy cat.  Who, by the way, belongs to the red house that the other kittens came from.

So, the first to run off was Puffy (aka. P. Diddy, aka. Puff Daddy).  He was a giant grey, black and white extra puffy cat and had been shot in the leg.  We took him to the vet, everything was going fine, he even had a cast on but the day before his 3rd follow up visit to the vet he ran outside and has not come back.  That was 3 years ago.

The next cat missing is Pumpkin.  He went out a few months ago and has also not yet returned.  What bothers me is that he had not been picked up by the pound, and he had a nasty eye infection that i was treating him for~ so it’s doubtful anyone would take in a ‘gross’ cat! 

Here he is with a crocheted turtle:

close encounters of the kitty kind by you.


This is him with an actual snake (all morning i thought it was a toy!)

Look what the cat dragged in!! by you.

The snake was one of many critters he brought into the house, including 2 grown birds, a baby bird, and tons of frogs, salamanders, and weird hissing lizards.

here he is asleep in my bookshelf

Pumpkin by you.


And my personal favorite pic, his cat fight with Cry Baby:

Cat fight 3 aka 'reach out and touch someone you love' by you.

Cat fight 1 by you.

Cat fight 4 by you.

He didn’t win that one!!


Our last missing kitty is Balto (aka Steve Holt!)

Me and Madaleine noticed he hadn’t come in the window with the others, so i thought he’s just exploring so i left the window open all night for him.  He still hasn’t come back

Balto by you.

He LOVED sleeping on the couch~ didn’t matter who was on it!

Balto on the couch by you.

Balto loves the kitties by you.


His favorite game was ‘sneak attack’, and that was where he would randomly attack your pants/leg while you were walking by.  We had to check around corners for him!! 

He was the only cat that didn’t care if the baby kittens were on him or not:

Balto and the babies by you.

Balto and the two babies by you.

He’s been missing for 3 months.  sucks.




9 Responses to “Missing Kitties”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I didn’t realize Balto (Steve Holt!!) was missing 😦 he was so friendly.

  2. Janis Says:

    Have you thought about contacting a no-kill animal shelter like Good Mews? They have lots of resources for free or low cost spay/neuter. You could also try S.A.N.T.A. It’s great that you take all of these little ones in, but you really need to help control the pet population and get those little guys fixed! Even if you don’t have a car, a lot of places will come pick them up. 🙂

  3. gnathalie2 Says:

    thank you, janis! i’ll look into those right now!!!!!

  4. Janis Says:
    I’m with you taking animals in- we have 6 cats! It’s too expensive to take care of them and if you bring them to the pound they’re in for a terrible fate. They’re so cute!

  5. Heidi Says:

    Man I am soooo sorry that you have MIA kitties!!! That really sucks!! I will love my Linguini tonight ( a very long orange kitten ) for you and hope that by some miracle they all come home!


  6. Catriona Says:

    I hope they come home soon!
    Have you talked to your neighbours about them?
    My cat, Ginge, disappeared & I finally spotted him sun bathing in a neighbours window!!!!
    He took a shine to their kitten & goes to visit her from time to time, sometimes for a morning, other times for a week!
    Maybe something similar has happened with your fur-babies???
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  7. geckogrrl Says:

    I hope your cats come home soon! I had a missing cat that one of mt neighbors took. You might check around your neighborhood. If I had it to do over again (the cat was found outside said neighbor’s run over) I would get a micro-chip for her.

  8. Bethany Says:

    I don;’t know if it’s available where you are but do you have a kitten action team near you? We adopted our 4th kitty from them and she is the best. She was nearly a year old, utd on shots, all ready spayed and the best part is they place the kitties in foster homes till they are adopted. So they are socialized and friendly.
    Honestly I’d get rid of the other 3 and take more from them! lol Just kidding. Our other 3 are just a bit bratty compared to her.

  9. Bethany Says:

    Oh I meant to mention them becasue I think they take in kittens and do spay/neuters.

    Good luck finding your kitties. It’s so hard when they “adventure”.

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