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Arrested Develop-monkey! September 10, 2008

Filed under: amigurumi,crochet,free patterns — gnathalie2 @ 11:51 am

My alltime favorite free online pattern is the monkey ( and i’ve made 3 of them this week!  Just haven’t assembled them all yet.  Why 3 monkeys?  Well, i LOVE Arrested Development so my big plan is to make each character into a monkey!!  I’ve got Tobias Funke done so far, here he is with his cutoffs:

Monkey as Tobias Funke by you.  Still have to make his glasses, and i’m in the middle of putting in his hair plugs! 

Pretty soon i’ll have them all re-creating my favorite scenes from the show~ stay tuned!!



4 Responses to “Arrested Develop-monkey!”

  1. athena Says:

    Your monkey is so cute! 🙂

  2. Stephanie Williams Says:

    THAT is the best idea you’ve had yet!! Brilliant! I love the cut-offs. I can’t wait to see him with the hairplugs. You’ll have to have a second name for him “analrapist”…. hahaha, I love that scene! Anyhoo, I might be down with the kids on Saturday. I’m planning on going to the Pine Mountain Animal Safari with Jen, and I’ll stop by with the kiddos. Man, I wanna learn to make monkeys:)

  3. Esther Says:

    Yo me acabo de iniciar en esto del amigurumi y he creado un blog:

    Tengo bastantes patrones y me encantaria recibir tus opiniones sobre mis trabajos.

  4. Shini Says:


    I have just started to crochet a few months back and found your blog soooooo helpful! You may have heard this before, but am gonna say it anyway – you are really creative!! love all ur patterns and thank you so much for taking the trouble to post them and the links too! 🙂


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