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Pan’s Labyrinth (spelling?) September 30, 2008

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Yeah, i’m too tired to think about ‘correct’ spelling right now!  Madaleine was telling me about that movie months ago and i thought it was like another stupid Hellraiser type movie~ you know, with the weird guy with the crap poking out of his face?~ and a couple weeks ago it was on in the middle of the night so i figured i’d watch it.

First off, i didn’t know i had to read the darn movie, but it was cool cause the kids were asleep.  It is such a cool movie though!!  And so sad at the end, too~ but in a good way.

Tasha watched it with me a few days later, and she loved the whole ‘magic chalk’ thing~ and i found her and Madaleine and Kyler playing their version of Pan’s Labyrinth yesterday:


Here she’s drawing the door with the chalk:

010-7.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Now she has to set the hourglass and get back before it runs out:

011-5.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Oh My God!!  Hurry, before it runs out!!

012-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Whew!  She made it back before the ‘door’ shut on her, and she found her items (in this case it was whatever trinkets were hiding in the crawlspace)

009-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Yeah!  She can still be the princess of the underworld!!  Go Tasha!!




One Response to “Pan’s Labyrinth (spelling?)”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That looks like a fun game!

    I’ll have to watch that movie.

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