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My internet works? October 13, 2008

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I have tried to write so many posts in the last couple weeks, but my internet keeps cutting off!!!  3 cable guys later, lets hope it stays on this time!!

First off, this is what happens when Luis pays a bill instead of getting Snowball fixed:

Luis’s prize?  A big, fat ‘I told you so’!!  From me!!

The first one she had (all white) was stillborn, and then this afternoon we had to buy the orange one in the middle.  Maybe it wasn’t born ‘right’?  Don’t know, but Snowball is a good mommy so it was nothing she did wrong.  Maddie found him in the corner of the closet, and they usually stay right in the middle.  (sad face)


Second, here are some show and tell projects!!

  This is from SueZann, using my octopus pattern


And here is a fancy feast fish from Shini:

And some evilness from soxknitter!!:


And who in the world can forget Hostile Bunni!!  Well, he’s up to his old tricks again (illusions, Michael!) and he’s got some help from PrincessDelirious~~~ Evil Ninja Minions!!!!!

free pattern here:

It seems as though he’s hired help to do his evil bidding, and what is more evil than evil ninjas?!! 

I found a few watching me sleep, and stalking the cats:

Evil ninja minions!! by you.

Ninja spies on Hamster by you.

Yellow ninja minion by you.


They like to hang out and ‘observe’ in the spooky Halloween tree:

Ninja minions in the spooky tree by you.


(they have had to put their evil plans on hold due to the deaths of the babies, even they’re not that evil!)


I also found this adorable free pattern by Owly:–sleepy-sarah-amigurumi-pattern.html

Little Red Gnome-y Hood Baby

I decided to make it into a ghost cause of the shape of the head:

ghost 1 by you.

ghost 2 by you.

ghost 3 by you.

I made the head and body all in one piece, and i left out one of the 30sc rounds so it would give it a more ghostly shape~ the kids love it!


Free pattern online?  tons of them, but here are the 2 or three that  i haven’t seen other places:

Shaun the sheep:

It’s a cool pattern, but i still haven’t found a way to print it all out!


Wakko Warner:


And Strongbad from Homestar Runner:  (pdf)


And here are some more of my kitties!!

Hamster by you. Hamster

Super Cheeto Friend takes a nap by you. Super Cheeto Friend

Scaredy Cat in lasar vision by you. Scaredy Cat (with laser vision!)

Momo and Hamster by you. and Momo~ complete with a Hamster!





8 Responses to “My internet works?”

  1. Tom Says:


    That Strong Bad pattern is excellent! Please please *please* send in the PDF or at least a photo or to to The Brothers Chaps at, I’m sure they’d love to see it.

    Keep on keepin’ on,


  2. a gazillion thanks for posting the link to the strongbad pattern. he’s my absolute fav from the homestar crew!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Are any of the white ones boys?????

  4. Shini Says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for Shaun the Sheep pattern! I am so in love with him!!! I printed the pattern by opening each image in Internet Explorer. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. gnathalie2 Says:

    Hey Steph, they are all boys!! Want one?!! Three for you, none for me?!!

  6. Leslie Says:

    My Hostile Bunni and his Minion are so proud to make a guest appearance here!

  7. chibiami Says:

    I love the little ghostie! He needs to go in the spooky tree with the adorable ninjas (don’t tell them i said they’re adorable, ninjas don’t like that kind of mushy talk and they might stalk me next…)!

  8. chibiami Says:

    BTW this is Rachel of the A-Z minions, chibiami is my new blog…

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