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Candy Fish! November 1, 2008

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I know that recycling and going green is all the rage nowadays, so i thought i’d jump on the bandwagon~ with Halloween candy!!!  Tasha and Madaleine went trick-or-treating with neighbors last night while i stayed home with a very asleep Adrian.  Before they left, Tasha gave me a handful of whoppers (yummy!)

So, i’m eating the whoppers and thinking how trashed the living room is gonna get when they come home and the whole time i’ve got the cats fighting over the candy wrappers……….and then it hit me (aka lightbulb!)

I can use the candy wrappers as stuffing for the cat toys!!!!!  Super crafty me!!!

Good wrappers to use?  Whoppers, most gummy type candies, smarties, and any ‘crunchy’ sounding ones


Bad wrappers?   Chocolates like twix or snickers, paper ones like now and laters, tootsie rolls, and Vanilla Ice

And now for the pattern!!!  This is my candy-fish :



And i used about 6 whoppers wrappers to stuff it:

048.jpg picture by gnathalie2


size G hook

ww yarn (i used Lion Brand Cotton Ease)

candy wrappers



with main color, 5sc in a ring

rd1:  2sc in each sc around (10)

rd2:  2sc in first sc, sc in next sc around (15)

rd3:  2sc in first sc, sc in next 2 sc around (20)

rd4-7:  sc in each sc around (20)

rd8:  sc2tog, sc in next 2 sc around (15)

rd9:  sc2tog, sc in next sc around (10)

stuff fish here

rd10:  sc2tog around (5)

rd11:  sl st to close hole, chain 20

r12:  sl st into rd11 sl st (bottom of fish) and chain 15

r13:  sl st into r12 sl st and chain 10

r14:  sl st into r13 sl st, fasten off

For the ‘fishing line’, attach any color yarn with sl st to the top of the fish and chain like 50 or so.  I made a loop at the end by just tying a knot, and i used black yarn to sew an ‘X’ for the eyes.


The cats LOVE their ‘crunchy’ candy fish!!

054-1.jpg picture by gnathalie2 (Twinkletoes and Dandelion)


Now with that out of the way, what else could i do with the candy?  I’ll tell you one thing:  We hate tootsie rolls here!!  We call them ‘Tootsie Roll Poops’ cause they’re nasty and they suck.  And it looks like poop.  Don’t believe me?!  I had the great idea to plant ‘tootsie poops’ around the house and pretend like the cats did it:

We found poop under Madaleines bed:

070.jpg picture by gnathalie2


And on my bed:

066-2.jpg picture by gnathalie2


And on Adrians pillow:

067.jpg picture by gnathalie2


And on the girls’ desk:

068-2.jpg picture by gnathalie2


And right outside of the litter box:

065.jpg picture by gnathalie2

Gross, huh?!!!!!


And finally here are some baby kitty pics that me and Tasha took:

018 by you.

008 by you.

t2 by you.

t1 by you.


This one is my favorite one that Madaleine took last week:

"You talkin' to me?" by you.  Awwwwwww!!


Oh, i almost forgot!!  I made Madaleine a hat a few days ago:

Madaleine's new hat by you.


And i made a Jack Skellington ball!:

Jack by you.





12 Responses to “Candy Fish!”

  1. I always wondered what tootsie rolls looked like. Wasn’t what I imagined though! Eugh…

  2. lawheezer Says:

    Thank you for the pattern. Your cats rock!

  3. Martha Says:

    This thing with the candy wrappers is kind of a genius idea! I’m going to try some with my cats (I happen to have a metric ton of Smarties laying around!)

    I really like your blog… it incorporates two of my favorite things: pictures of cute kittens and crocheting!

  4. Prestonly Says:

    I have made a dozen of the candy fish. I added some catnip in with the crinkley wrappers. My cats are going nuts over them.

    All our cat friends will be receiving one for Christmas and the ladies who run our church holiday bazaar want me to make some for next year.

    Thanks for sharing your pattern!

  5. gnathalie2 Says:

    that’s so cool!!!

  6. jennifer Says:

    That reminds me of turning kroger bags inside out and knotting them for the kids to play with when they were teething. crinkly and disposable! great idea for a cat toy!

  7. Sabrina Says:

    Do you have a pattern for the Jack Skellington ball? I have a friend who collects Jack Skellington stuff and that would make a great little gift for her.

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