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I got them out!!!!!! November 22, 2008

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Yay me!!!  So Sandy went and had babies two days before her ‘getting fixed’ appointment and they were in the attic and it’s been freezing at nights!  I tried, i had the kids try, i even had the teenage neighbor crawl around up there and try but she had them way over on the side where the roof slopes down and it’s impossible to reach!  But i went up there today and found them all over on the other side and got them all down!!!!!!!  One white, three orange and one of the orange ones is a girl.  I put them in Madaleines closet and of course right away she’s trying to move them again~ but ha ha ha ha!!  I closed the closet door so she can’t get in the attic again!!!  Here are the little furry surprises:

look what sandy did in the attic! by you.


And Snowball’s kitties and the other cats get along so well!!  Here they are all comfy and asleep on the arm of the couch:

sleeping on the couch by you.


This is my favorite sleepy pic of Baby Buster:

baby buster by you.


One of my favorite things to see is when i pour the cat food and all the cats come running~ here is a cat tail pic:

cat tails! by you.


I swear, i have the sweetest, happiest cats in the world here!!!!


And for a ‘show and tell’, i found this kiwi on craftster~ it’s from a member of the crochet cafe group on yahoo:

kiwi-tina  Awesome kiwi, Tina!!!


And what am i working on right now?  I’m making a monkey from a free pattern over on craftster:






8 Responses to “I got them out!!!!!!”

  1. coelhoverde Says:

    i love your kitties. They aare so cute.

  2. Heidi Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for some weeks now, but …
    but … still can’t figure out how many kitties and cats you have running around in the house now ?! :o)))
    will you adopt me ? seems great to be a cat and living with you !
    From a cat lover and owner of (only) three,

  3. gnathalie2 Says:

    omg~ we have 20 cats in the house right now!!! We’re still looking for homes for the 4 little kittens and the 4 babies, but the rest belong to me!!!

  4. jennifer Says:

    Aw! Baby Buster is super cute! Of course I like Token the best, he’s just like my Comet!

  5. Britainy Says:

    Awwwwww the kitties are adorable.. JUst ran across your blog

  6. chibiami Says:

    20 kitties! Wow! How many females, besides Sandy and Snowball?

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Trying to figure out what day Jack was born, do you remember when her getting fixed appointment was?

  8. JOOJA Says:

    :O the gray cat!!! loooookkkksss exactly like my cat from the back in unbelievable kinda way!!

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