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i like pipe cleaners January 6, 2009

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yup.  i bought some pipe cleaners at walmart last week for the kids to mess around with.  Tasha made a pile of pencil grippers while i printed up some pages of a McCalls craft book.

Patsy spent the night with Tasha while Madaleine spent the night up the street and we had so much fun sitting on the couch trying to figure out the instructions!!  Cute book, but i swear there has got to be an easier way to make the dumb critters!!  I think most of the glue ended up on the blankets!

Me and Patsy both made trees (without a pattern) and then i made a camel.  What did Tasha have to say about it?  “Mama the camel has 2 humps”!!  (sung to the tune of  ‘sally the camel’ from Barney)  What cracked me up was when she started singing ‘Tasha the camel has no humps’!

So, here is a group photo of our pipe cleaner creations:

005 by you.

Her stuff is on the right, mine on the left, with James’s flower tree in the middle.


What else have i made recently?  Not much!!  With the kids home and bored all i really get to do is referee fights and play ‘volunteer maid’!  But i did make this adorable puppet~

025 by you.

the cats are getting used to it!

028 by you.

puppet extra loves Twinkletoes!

029 by you.


The kittens still prefer my lap over any other spot in the house:

003 by you.


Oh, wait, nevermind!  They LOVE piling up next to the couch (don’t worry- if you step on one we’ve got 15 more!)

pile of kitties by you.


I also made a car for the cats, i used the free pattern from crochetville :

car 2 by you.


and this here is my favorite kitty pic of the week, it’s Hamster and Chicken Nugget sleeping:

chicken nugget and hamster by you. i know it’s blurry, i had to zoom in from across the room!






6 Responses to “i like pipe cleaners”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Love the leg of Chicken Nugget, it really looks like … oh well :o))

  2. Stephanie Williams Says:

    Haha, the puppet extra loves twinkletoes!! Those are cool pipecleaner thingies. You get the book from the store?

  3. pugnotes Says:

    hi nat!
    i love all of your creations! how fun!

  4. Shini Says:

    LOL at puppet extra!! New year greeting to you n ur family! 🙂
    you’re so lucky to have lil kittens and cats! Crochet & Kittens, that’s like a double stress buster!!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Hey give me a call, I want to ask for a cat!

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