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Hi. My name is Nathalie……. June 8, 2009

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…and i’m an addict.  Not alcohol or drugs…no, it’s much worse.  I’m addicted to kitties!!!!  If it wasn’t obvious before, here’s what happened:

Me and Natasha went to the vet a few days ago to spend tons of money we don’t have on flea stuff.  I bought 7 vials of frontline plus and 7 capstar pills ~ totally get those cause they’re only like $4 each and it instantly kills all fleas that bite them over a 4-6 hour time span!! ~ anyway, we got there a few minutes early and there was a girl standing outside with a fluffy grey kitty that she had found in the storm drain by her house.  Apparently she’d been to every vet and pet store in town looking for a place to bring the cat, and long story short we have a new addition to our family!!!

007 by you.  Tasha named her ‘princess’, but then changed it yesterday to ‘alexandria’~ sorry about the crappy pic quality but the kids smudged the camera lens!


She spent the first few days growling and hissing at all the other cats, but yesterday she started settling in (she still hates Twinkle and Momo!)

Why in the world would i go and bring another cat home when we have so gosh darn many?  First of all, she’s totally cool.  Secondly, we lost 3 of Milkshakes babies to a nasty upper respiratory virus that ran through our house and we were all so upset about it i figured Alexandria would be a wonderful distraction!

~ These are the only pics i have of Piggy and Baby Girl:

  Piggy is the white/orange one in the middle, we named him piggy cause the tip of his tail was bent!  Baby Girl is the black/white one on the right.  The second i saw the first cat sneeze i had all of them on penicillin but the those two were just too young to handle it.  The saddest for me was piggy, i knew he wouldn’t survive and he couldn’t breathe at all so we took him to the vet to have them put him down but he died a couple minutes before the vet got into the room.  Thankfully Baby Girl didn’t suffer as long, i just wish we didn’t have to lose them like that.  

Here is Piggy like an hour before we brought him to the vet:

  We miss you, Piggy!

The only cat/kitten in the entire household to escape the wrath of the virus?  Rose!!!

  She’s also the kitten in the middle in the pic above.  She is fearless!!  When Alexandria first came in the room, she was just growling and hissing away~ all the other cats ran off but not Rose!  She jumped right over and started sniffing her new friend!

I am totally in love with Battlestar Galactica, so i wanted to name Rose ‘Athena’  or ‘Sharon’ after the cylon… why?  Cause this is Cheetos baby “Boomer”:

  the name fits!


Alexandria prefers to play with toys, whereas the other cats prefer wrestling around, so i designed a toy just for her:


Better pic and pattern coming tomorrow!!!!





One Response to “Hi. My name is Nathalie…….”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love Boomer, thats an awesome pic!! Call me:)

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