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trading kitties June 17, 2009

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Tasha came running into the house and up to my room yelling  “it’s mine!  I’m keeping it!” 

Then she drops a grey kitten into my lap and i’m all “i know it’s yours, i was at the vet when we got her”

And then she’s all “no, it’s a new one!!  and i’m keeping it!”   And i’m all “no no no no no no”

Turns out the kitten followed our neighbor home from a few streets up, and i instantly told tasha to go get him NOW so i can drive over to where he was and find the kittens home.  No such luck~ kids and their shortcuts!  Nothing but woods all around, and a firestation, and the closest house is way not where he came from or was walking to.  And honestly, i was a bit mad at him for ‘giving’ tasha a cat.   The solution?  I told him i’ll take the new kitten but he has to take one of ours~ and it worked!!  He went home and talked to his mom (she already picked out one of our white kittens a few weeks ago) and they decided to take Princess. 

Here is our new kitty!!:

shadow by you. 

Adrian fell asleep on my bed and Shadow did not hesitate to curl up next to him:

shadow? by you.

Here is tasha and shadow chillin on the bed:

shadow and tasha by you.  I am not a fan of ‘obvious’ names, but really~ we named her Shadow cause she really does follow you around all the time!


As for the other kittens, they will pile into any open drawer around:

desk drawer by you. If you open it, they will come!


Luis ran upstairs whispering ‘get the camera’~ and i’m glad we had batteries!:

rose and boomer by you.  Boomer and Rose (aka Sharon)

And here is one of Rose’s favorite pasttimes:

Rose by you.  Attacking my feet!!!





One Response to “trading kitties”

  1. ioanag3 Says:

    That is tooo much cuteness, they’re so lovely. I can’t wait to move from this tiny apartment to get at least one more kitty…

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