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awesome fingerless gloves September 23, 2009

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I actually designed this pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s taken this long to post it due to the fact that no matter how many times i went to the store i kept forgetting batteries.  Even yesterday when my only mission was to go to Kroger and buy batteries ~ i only brought enough cash for batteries but what did i come home with?  cat food and laundry detergant. 

But never fear!!  I achieved the impossible today (with the help of a grocery list!) and i bought batteries!!!  My younger sister, Jessica, stopped by and i had her model the glove for me.  I’ve made 7 of the gloves so far and Tasha likes to bring them to school and give them to her friends!

Here is the pic of the glove on my sisters hand:



and here is the free pdf download: awesome fingerless gloves






and from the pics that i downloaded today, here are the best kitty ones!!:

  this is Rose sleeping all curled up in a pile of her own fur


and this is our all white cat, who we ended up naming ‘Scarface’ (he still has a spot under his eye that is discolored from the eye infection he had)











and i took this one last month, it’s one of the white/orange tip cats doing an impression of Bloom County’s Bill the Cat:



Have fun!!



4 Responses to “awesome fingerless gloves”

  1. Kammy Says:

    Hi Nathalie,

    I really like your fingerless gloves pattern but I am not good with reading patterns. I learnt crochet through self learnt and by watching videos at youtube.. I am really poor at following instruction. if it is not too much to ask…could you do a video and show me the steps…pls.

    I would really appreciate it…


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