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i’m playing favorites September 24, 2009

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i love all my kids equally, but i am totally playing favorites right now!  so which one of my kids do i like the most tonight???


and why do i like tasha the most????? (tonight)!!!


cause she bought me stuff!!!  that’s right, my affection can totally be bought!  hahahahaha!!

But for real, my birthday is tomorrow and i wasn’t expecting anything more than a birthday hug (totally my favorite!!) 

Every wednesday tasha goes to church with her mentor, Mrs. Kim, and usually comes home with a handful of church stuff (booklets, crafts, etc) but today she walked into my room with a giant gold bag covered in ‘happy birthday’……… for me???!!!

now one of my very favorite presents that i’ve gotten a couple in the past is one of those big makeup kits full of the most wonderfully generic selections of glosses and shadows endless beauty possibilities………… and OMG is that big black box for me?





 this is  what i was thinking:  “please be makeup please be makeup please be makeup”




i felt like i hit the jackpot!!!! 

here is tasha holding the makeup box:





 we are so waking up early tomorrow morning to do our makeup!!!!!




i’m in total heaven going through all the stuff in the box, and she surprises even more because there’s still stuff in the bag!!!





in addition to the black box of heaven, i also got heart shaped mini candles, a giant candle with hearts on it~ it smells like fruit tea!!~ paper thin peach scented soap petals, honey almond bath soak, and a booklet from the church called ‘basic elements of the christian life’ (she said she grabbed it cause the cover was a pretty blue color!) ~ and ‘navy’ perfume (we both think it smells like my mom and can’t stop smelling our clothes now!!)




tasha totally rocks and i am so glad that she’s just as impatient as me when it comes to giving presents~ honestly, she could have just given me a card and i’d be just as glad but she always amazes me with how thoughtful and generous she can be!! 


happy birthday to me tomorrow!!



5 Responses to “i’m playing favorites”

  1. January Says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow. Enjoy your make-over.

  2. sublime Says:

    Happy birthday! To you and all your family 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Haha, I love the black box of heaven!! As a polar opposite to your birthday surprise, I picked up the kids and Annika came to the car with a “wrapped” shoebox and handed it to me. So I smiled and said “Is this for me?!?”, you know, cuz its my birthday and shit…and she said “No, thats my book box from school! Look its empty and mine.”

  4. Rachel Says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    My mom wore Navy when I was a teenager, I love it. Brings back nice memories of watching her get ready for work, in her pink suit and dangly earrings. I should find some for her birthday next month…

    • gnathalie2 Says:

      my mom used to always wear chanel #5, but i can’t afford it!! i LOVE navy, and my other ‘scents’ are sunflowers for summer and white diamonds for winter~ smells bring back the best memories, don’t they?!!!

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