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Kitties are doing better! October 15, 2009

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The medicine is working wonderfully, and the kittens are doing much better!!  Only the smallest girl still has a tiny bit of red around her right eye, but no more goo and no more sneezing!!!   Still pooing in corners, but our living room has tiles so clean up is easy.


My cats are more tolerant of the babies now, and Super Cheeto Friend treats them like her own!!!

  My favorite pic so far!!!


and usually Momo is a real a-hole to other cats, but he likes this little guy:

 that’s his arm on the kitty.

The kittens have been pairing up with big cats today, except for this girl:

  infection is gone, but she’s really sensitive and squirmy when i try to clean her face~ still working on it though!!


this little girl is glued to cheeto:



and this little boy was listening to the michael jackson ghost video from CNN:

  Killer video by the way, here is the link:


In the earlier post, Blubee was sooooooo not having anything to do with the kitties.  Well, now see:


I need to keep an eye on her!!! 

Last but not least, the first night they were here i treated them to ham~ here is the link to the video:





adventures in babysitting October 13, 2009

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Our neighbors across the street have a litter of kittens in their backyard, and me and tasha thought it would be hilarious to bring them over and then act like they were ours!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  It totally worked too, cause the look on Luis’s face was just priceless!!!!

Our cats have just gotten over a kitty-cold (lots of sneezing and eye goo) and we noticed that the poor little baby kitties had gotten the worst of it!   Only one of them was really sneezing, but i decided to keep them here for a couple days (out of the cold rain that started last night) and nip this cold in the bud

Here are the kitties yesterday (blurry pic)



 the pic is blurry, but you can still see how gross their eyes are~ it’s hard to give them medicine where they live cause the second you go near them they run under the shed!! 


The same kitty virus keeps getting passed back and forth between our cats and since the kittens are the youngest and the first to show symptoms i am treating them and hopefully stopping the viscious cycle!!!



The first few hours they were here were spent sleeping and eating…….and hiding from my cats!  You would think my cats would be a bit more tolerant of the newbies, but no such luck.  Execpt for Pork Chop, he took a nap with the kittens.  And he didn’t hiss at them! 

Today was spent exploring the kitchen and the living room, and pooping all over the kitchen and living room!  I spent the day cleaning the kitchen and living room~ PEEEEE-UUUUUU!!!!!


After their second dose of medicine today i rewarded them with……….HAM!!!!  They loved it!!!!  Here is a pic of them eating:







The lighter one on the right is the ‘top cat’ (aka. bully) and ate whatever ham he could reach!


All the other cats could smell the ham and were just itching to get some:



If i had taken one step back you’d be able to see 5 more cats sniffing around!!!  (btw: the yellow-y stain by the door is paint from a not-quite-dry-yet art project)





As soon as they finished the ham they were off to explore the upstairs (yes, and poop all over it too!) 





 “Enough with the ninja already!!!”






The other 2 kitties decided to check out tasha’s room:




The girl under the tv stand is the runt,  and is very apprehensive about everything!  The boy above her is the alpha kitty of the bunch.


I super extra lightly wiped their faces/eyes last night, but it was a bit too much for them so i’ll work on goo-removal later tonight




Here are some of my favorite pics of  ‘alpha-kitty’:





























And Blubee is having none of the kittens shenanigans:











Blubee was named by tasha because her fur has a blue-ish tint to it~ super gorgeous!!  Here she is sleeping on my bed last night:









And like an hour later i got this one of  Momo and one of the boys that still doesn’t have a permanant name!









Scarface loves hanging out with me when i’m on the computer, but i guess he got tired of waiting for his turn:









Madaleine was telling me all about the fair that she went to with her friends, and i guess Scarface thought it was his bedtime story:








Sweet dreams kitty!

(he’s sleeping next to Blubee)


 Oh, almost forgot!!!  Just one quick thing about my birthday~

Luis surprised me with a cake that one of friend’s wife makes:




pretty cool! ~ and blonde like me too!







Let’s look a bit closer:






Can’t see it just yet?





How about now?!:



BOOBIE!!!!  lol!!!  madaleine had a friend over to spend the night, and a couple girls from next door were over hanging out when Luis brought the cake in~ we were laughing so  hard!!!



What was really special to me was after they all sang ‘happy birthday’, Madaleine got her violin and played the song for me!!!    Then i ‘shaved’ barbies armpits and back and cut into the cake!




and here is what scarface was doing then: