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Kitties are doing better! October 15, 2009

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The medicine is working wonderfully, and the kittens are doing much better!!  Only the smallest girl still has a tiny bit of red around her right eye, but no more goo and no more sneezing!!!   Still pooing in corners, but our living room has tiles so clean up is easy.


My cats are more tolerant of the babies now, and Super Cheeto Friend treats them like her own!!!

  My favorite pic so far!!!


and usually Momo is a real a-hole to other cats, but he likes this little guy:

 that’s his arm on the kitty.

The kittens have been pairing up with big cats today, except for this girl:

  infection is gone, but she’s really sensitive and squirmy when i try to clean her face~ still working on it though!!


this little girl is glued to cheeto:



and this little boy was listening to the michael jackson ghost video from CNN:

  Killer video by the way, here is the link:


In the earlier post, Blubee was sooooooo not having anything to do with the kitties.  Well, now see:


I need to keep an eye on her!!! 

Last but not least, the first night they were here i treated them to ham~ here is the link to the video:





4 Responses to “Kitties are doing better!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    grrrr….my ham!!!

  2. superjen Says:

    hahaha grrrrroooowwwwllll…..
    too cute!

    I love Super Cheeto Friend.

    I need to put up video of Jack, he hurt his paw last week and still won’t put his one back foot down when he walks…it’s totally better but when he runs he looks like a bunny hopping. He climbs trees, scratches with that foot and I can mess with it and also do the thing of putting the claws out no problems. I think he’s just milking it for attention at this point!

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