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baby carrot is the new kitten November 9, 2009

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Natasha wanted me to drive her up the street to see if her friend could play.  She went to the front door and as i’m sitting in the car i see a little orange kitten running up to her.  She asked her friend if it was hers, but her friend thought that it was one of ours!  I knew it was coming when she picked up the cat and turned towards me……”mom, can we keep the kitten?”

Really?  When have i ever said ‘no’ to a homeless baby kitten?!!!!!



Adrian came up with her name~ Baby Carrot!

She is super super friendly, and the best part…… She uses the litterbox!!!!!!!!  

She is still apprehensive about the big cats but she adapting quickly


My side of the bed is on the right, and everytime any of my cats sleep next to me it’s on the left.  Not Baby Carrot!

Here she is like an hour after we brought her home:


The coolest thing so far about her is that she is a little purr-bot!  I love happy kittens!!

Tasha found her under her blanket later on in the day:


and this is how i woke up this morning:


And we found a home for 4 of our cats lasr week!!  My husband came home from work with a cage and said he knew a family that wanted a girl cat.  I put the two orange girl kittens from across the street in, and Luis grabbed an orange-tipped white girl and Cheeto and brought them over ~ btw, i didn’t know he brought Cheeto till later!    He came back with an empty cage and said that the two children fell in love with the kittens and the parents fell in love with the big cats!  He said the family lives on a gigantic property with horses and dogs,  and they had been wanting cats for a while since their previous cat died of old age.   Hey, maybe they’ll be interested in a couple of our ‘spray up the entire house’ cats!!!

The two boy kittens from across the street are still here (no shock there!) and my brother Sebastian LOVES one of them~ the growly one from the video in the previous kitty post!!  We ended up naming him ‘Hagar the Horrible’, and here he is hanging out on Sebastian:


and now he’s taking a nap on Sebastian:


and then we were joking around about ‘i’m lovin’ it’ from the McDonald’s slogan, so i got this pic of tasha and sebastian:


And to finish off this post, here are some projects i get to show off:

From my pretty pretty flower scarf pattern:

  by woolymountain

 by Jardiniere

 by threadfulart


From my squiggly cat toy pattern:

 by knitting techie

 by TokyoKyotoxx

 by elenerv


From my afternoon delight turtle pattern:

 by mccrowthers

 by jacintillating


 pinkphreek is still working on one!!


and from my overboard pattern:

 by ivory142 ~ she named it ‘elmer’!!!  cute!!





One Response to “baby carrot is the new kitten”

  1. Crafty Shines gave me the link to your delightful blog 🙂 I love crocheting too, though haven’t done much for ages now.
    Love your cat pictures!!!! I have raised many cats too and one Mr Sher Khan owns us now 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures!! Love how they tangle and sleep!!

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