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a work in progress November 11, 2009

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My older sister, Jennifer, has been wanting me to make her one of my pretty pretty flower scarves for a while now.  So i started going through whats left of my yarn (thanks, cats!) and found a bulky super soft dark brown that i won for having the cutest kitten picture in a group over at ravelry.  She wants a scarf with blue or green flowers, but i reallllllllllllly wanted to use the brown and then it hit me:  the brown can be the fence with the flowers running up it!!  

So i am now in the middle of designing a new flower scarf, called ‘flowers on the fence’!  I have a very strong dislike for sewing stuff in crochet only cause the stupid ends never stay hidden, so this will be another no-sew scarf~ the base is the brown fence, then there will be a green vine with leaves crocheted onto it, along with a flower ‘row’.  I’ve already got the green vine with leaves figured out, i’m still working on how to make the flowers in one ‘row’. 

Here is the brown that i have done so far:


I would already be done with it, but when i went to the kitchen to throw some chicken in the oven the cats had dragged most of it down the hallway and stairs!  I picked all of it up and caught Boomer trying to grab it again.  Here she is staring at it, waiting for me to look away for just one tiny second:

  she wants it real bad!!!


Baby Carrot is doing wonderfully at our house~ still the most purr-iest kitten we’ve ever had!  She loves sleeping next to me, and here she is on my spot:


And here she is again about half an hour after i moved her over a bit:

  she even purrs while shes sleeping sometimes!


I couldn’t resist taking a close up pic of her:

  what a sweetie!!!!





One Response to “a work in progress”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I can’t wait, the brown is so pretty!
    I love baby Carrot too, she’s so sweet! Nerdy little Jack is so funny now, he’s a year old and too cool to be sweet during the day. At night he sleeps between us purring though 🙂

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