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vine on a fence scarf November 19, 2009

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new free pattern!!!!



Download free pdf here: vine on a fence scarf





8 Responses to “vine on a fence scarf”

  1. knottywitch Says:

    This is really exquisite! Thank you for sharing. It’ll be under my tree for a special someone this year…may be 2 so there’ll be one for me, too!!

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  3. titus2woman Says:

    OH how LOVELY!!!! I hafta make one or more of these… As usual I’m so enjoying ALL of your creations, and then you went and added kittens too? ~SWOON~ LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. […] Hand Made Gifts, Scarf, Sister  I completed the Vine on a Fence Scarf from Nathalie over at  Gnats On the Windshield. For something so pretty, it was so easy to make. Plus, I used up more of my stash. The pictures I […]

  5. craftyshines Says:

    Hey Nathalie! Wish you a Happy New Year 🙂

    • Kaylynne Says:

      Hi Nathalie, I just discovered your unique “Vine on a Fence” scarf. I want to make one for my sister/s for 2010 Christmas nthis year. My youngest sister just had thyroid surgery a few months ago and still has a very tender scar that is affected by colder temps. So, this seems like her style and is really cute too. I would like to make this with a thinner, lightweight yarn since the bulkiness of the heavy yarn would be too difficult for my sis to wear. Do you have any suggestions for adapting the pattern to a different weight yarn? I was thinking of a soft yarn maybe sport weight? I’m not a newbie crocheter but I don’t usually experiment outside of patterns…just not confident enough I guess. Thanks a bunch!!!

      • gnathalie2 Says:

        you can totally make this scarf with any size yarn or hook! if you use a ‘lighter’ yarn it’ll turn out a tiny bit thinner and shorter, so just add a handful more rows~ please post pics when you’re done, i would LOVE to see it!!!!! hope your sister feels better soon!!

  6. Jess Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!!

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