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overdue post February 12, 2010

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i have been meaning to do another ‘stuff people make with my patterns’ post and then my computer died!!  all i know is that i was looking through my documents on my computer and i was running a program that converts videos to burn onto dvds when all of a sudden the screen freezes and then goes to ‘the blue screen of death’ i.e. blue stop screen.  i shut it down and restarted, and when it went to the ‘start windows normally’ option i clicked it but it looped back to the blue screen!  i finallly got into safe mode, i followed the directions on the windows help thing and went ahead and uninstalled all the programs i had, i even uninstalled the most recent updates and the updates that others had problems with but nothing worked.  I’m not electronically inclined so i did’nt know exactly what to google for but when i started the computer and hit ‘start windows normally’ it would’nt go to the starting welcome screen.  i realized that rebooting was my only option cause my phone wouldnt work (magic jack) and i had no money.  guess what happened when i did the whole reboot thing?!  it did’nt work cause windows could’nt start properly!! 

At this point i resigned to my fate, shut down the stupid computer, dragged the girl’s tv into my room and watched a CSI Miami marathon with Madaleine.  When i woke up the next morning i decided to try one more time and omg it actually worked!  I already hated losing all the pics i had’nt been able to burn onto cds, but the worst is losing the video of Madaleine’s first band concert (she plays the violin).  Sucks for me, right?!!

So, moving on i am very pleased show off this super-duper mushroom house crocheted by Laurie:

  Awesome-ly cool and it totally made my day!!!

Here is the link to the pattern: 

I love all the flower scarves that have been made, and hopefully i’m not leaving anyone out!:

(pattern link:

 made by Chapella1988 over at ravelry

 made by Clare76  from Ravelry

 made by suzecro at Ravelry

  made by TamzinB at Ravelry

 a modified version of the scarf, also by TamzinB

 made by lyndseyloo at Ravelry

 made by NattyDReese at Ravelry

 made by yarngirlie at Ravelry

 made by QuirkyNurse at Ravelry

 made by titaniumrose at Ravelry

 made by woolymountain at Ravelry

Projects made with cat toy pattern:

(pattern link:

 made by Elenerv at Ravelry

 made by TokyoKyotoxx at Ravelry

Projects made with afternoon delight turtle pattern:

(pattern link:

 made by kaitana at Ravelry

 made by mcrowthers at Ravelry

Evil Minions!!!!!!

(pattern link:

 made by caitirin at Ravelry

here’s another pic in front of the computer screen (i do have a weak spot for these evil little guys!)

  lol! i wonder what this one is up to?!!!

 made by LugosiGirl at Ravelry, these are her evil office minions!!!!

Here’s one i haven’t seen in a while~ fancy feast!:

(pattern link:

 made by Annemoon at Ravelry


another fancy feast has been made!!!

made by fuzzmom at flickr, here is the picture link :  a beautiful blue!!!!!

and overboard fish:

(pattern link:

 made by ivory142 at Ravelry

and kiwi bird:

(pattern link:

 made by PlentimawFish at Ravelry

 made by meelee514 at Ravelry

 made by perlinavichinga at Flickr

and last but soooooooo not least, mint chocolate bunny:

(pattern link:

 made by yellowpinksparkley, i was having a bad day and i saw this and what a bright spot!!  Can’t help but smile with this cutie around!!

Oh, one more, it’s from my crocheted hat pattern (

 made by mcm at Ravelry

A huge thanks to everyone for sharing all your wonderful projects!!!




3 Responses to “overdue post”

  1. sami Says:

    the pretty pretty flower scarf on you pictures one of them has 3 of the scarfs on a manican i was woundering if you new the colors all i know is they are dark blue dark green and dark purple i really like those colors

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