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tasha likes hats February 16, 2010

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Tasha loves when i make her hats, which is just fine with me cause i love making them!! 

I may have posted this already, but this is called the convertible hat (

  both tasha and madaleine have been taking turns wearing it

next up is the swirls cap (

  this one fits madaleine better, but the color is more suited for tasha.  they both look great in it though!

Boomer started being in heat this week and the boy cats that haven’t been fixed yet have been uber-spraying up the house.  They’ve been exiled to the porch and garage.  So what does boomer do?  She sticks her head out of my bedroom window and meows, and there are some boy cats outside that i’ve never seen before!!  Too bad for them!

Now that the house has been relatively boy cat free this week, Rosie is loving all the attention!!  Here she is happy to have her spot back on our bed:

And what’s even better than getting her spot back?  Adrian!!!!!  By far her favorite person in this house!! 

She follows him around everywhere, she even starts wagging her tail when she hears the schoolbus coming in the afternoon!  Here he is coming out of the bathroom:

Adrian wanted me to make a toy for her so i made a snake (

she loved playing with the snake until she got side tracked by her all-time favorite toy ever……PIPE CLEANERS!!!!!

  (she’s waiting for me to give her back her pipe cleaner!)

Every morning i hear meowing in my room and everytime i look down there she is walking around with a pipe cleaner in her mouth and meowing at any cat who dares come near her!!

Oh, and how did i find out that Boomer was in heat?  I saw her run upstairs and a second later 5 of the boys were chasing her.  It took a bit but i hunted down all the boys and escorted them to the front porch.  I’m thinking “whew!” until i see Boomer rolling around like crazy in the living room.  I search the house again and i find this guy:

  I guess it’s not all bad, he is by far the friendliest, sweetest cat ever!   After all the trouble i’ve gone through this week keeping the cats out, i better not see a bunch of baby tobys or baby twinkles!!!




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