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clearer instructions September 10, 2010

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i recently got a request for help with my evil minion pattern, and i realized that i keep leaving out the super cool * symbol for stitch repeats!  anywho, i rewrote the evil minion pattern to hopefully make it easier to follow, you can download the pdf here:evil

and we all know i can’t write a blog entry without kitty pictures!!!!

this is Theadorable sleeping next to Boomer, and little baby Roger made himself comfy right on top:

Here is newborn Bite-size Baby crawling on the scarf i was working on:

We named her ‘bite-size baby’ not only because she is the tiniest kitten ever born in this house, but also cause Tasha could fit her head in her mouth!

and here is Rosie & Theadorable chilling out on the couch: