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splat, splat, splat

it snowed on christmas and i did not take a pic! December 27, 2010

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For almost a month now i could not get my camera to upload, so i found tasha’s little barbie camera and here is what we came up with:

this is Buddy sleeping on my lap while we were watching Despicable Me

 Bite Size Baby sleeping next to me

 me and tasha

What was fun about the pics from the camera was that since there is no flash all the pics were too dark to see, so each photo was a surprise when we adjusted the brightness to see it!!  Lots of them were really bad so we had a blast laughing at how stupid we looked….well, mainly at how stupid i looked!!!

I finally got my camera working, and here is the chocolate creme pie Tasha made for a school project and for Thanksgiving:


And this is why we named this kitty ‘White Trash’:

seriously, she does this every single day!!!

This is Monkey being adorable as always:

and here is Buddy, she knows she likes her picture taken!:

Minty & White Trash sharing my spot on the bed

I love this photo my dad put on his facebook, he is with santa in 1952:

One thing i bought for my kids last minute were these cute piggy banks that have a display of how much change you put in, the best part was that they were $4 each!:

And the best for last, here is a kick-ass ninja minion made by Sarah Courtman for breast cancer awareness:

oh, wait, one more pic~ this is my family years ago at christmas, i’m sitting on my dads lap: