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not my minty!!!!!!! March 28, 2011

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Minty was the first kitty born in Baby Carrots litter, and me and tasha had to pull him out by his tail after we realized that she was not able to push him out on her own! 

He was always super fluffy, and just like his father he was well on his way to being giant sized.  He and his sister, white trash, have always been like little puppies~ they follow me around the house while i’m cleaning!! 

The one thing i will miss the most about Minty is at night when he did his stealth kitty act, his goal being  to see how long he could lick and purr my arm or face before i shooed him away!!!  I would just keep lifting him up and moving him to the spot behind my knees where he would end up sleeping all night. 

Last weekend i sent the kids outside to look for Boomer cause she was extremely pregnant and didnt want her giving birth under the porch or something.  After looking for a bit i suggested they look in the clubhouse or under the pool deck in the backyard and not ten minutes later adrian came up and told me that minty was dead by the clubhouse door.

He didnt have any bite marks are scratches, just a line of dried mud on his side and a nosebleed.  After what happened to Hagar last year, i think that Minty got hit by a car and took off running in shock, making it as far as the backyard before dying.  What made me even more sad was that me and adrian were looking for him in the front yard the day before and how crushed they were cause they thought he was just sleeping (the cats hang out down there by the creek and its not unusual to see animals there, just too far away to tell exactly which animal it is!)

We buried him there and picked some flowers for him, and i still wish it was one of the mean strays instead.