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vine on a fence scarf November 19, 2009

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new free pattern!!!!



Download free pdf here: vine on a fence scarf





fingerless gloves in pics November 6, 2009

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It’s always a struggle trying to find working batteries in my house so when i took some out of one of the kids toys, it had just enough charge left to take pictures~

Here is what i hope is a helpful tutorial on how to make my awesome fingerless gloves pattern!

The glove pattern uses back post double crochet (bpdc) to create the ridges on the glove.  I am left handed, so if you’re right handed then just do an extra round 2 for the glove part~ that way the ridges stay on the outside of the glove!!

**so i just looked it up, and i guess the actual stitch i’m using is Front Post Double Crochet!  Either way, whichever stitch you’re more comfortable using to create the ridges works either way!!**

Here is a link to a front & back post double crochet how-to:

Now for my gloves:

First start with chain 9, then double crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook and double crochet across, then chain 2 and turn.

ch 2 turn








For the next row,  Back Post Double Crochet in the next post and in each post across

bpdc 1

To do this stitch (BPDC) , yarn over, then stick your hook behind the double crochet stitch from the previous row







bpdc 2

then yarn over and pull the yarn back through the post








bpdc 3

then double crochet as usual







Here is what the other side of the stitch looks like:

bpdc 4








And here is what the next BPDC in the same row looks like:

bpdc 5








The last bpdc in the row is done in the very last dc-post, here is what it looks like:

bpdc in last stitch

 (the rows will even out as you go along!)







You will continue crocheting one row double crochet, then one row bpdc until the cuff fits around your wrist/arm:

cuff done








The next step is to fold the cuff in half with the ridges sides touching each other and then slip stitch across:

sl st across








Then you will turn the cuff inside out and chain 1 and turn:

turn inside out








Now sc aound the edge of the cuff , about 27-30 sc as evenly spaced as possible:

ch 1 sc around edge of cuff








then slip stitch into the first sc of the round, chain 2 and turn:

sl st ch 2 turn








For the next round, you will dc in each sc around, then sl st into the beginning ch-2, chain 2 and turn:

sl st into ch-2

(pic of sl st in beginning ch-2)







For the next round, bpdc in each dc post around:

bpdc around ridges out








For the rest of the glove pattern, you will alternate rounds of dc and bpdc (make sure the ridges are facing out!)  When the glove is as long as you want it to be you will crochet the thumb round next.  The thumb round is a double crochet round.

Chain 2, turn, dc into the first 4 dc, then chain 5:

ch 5








then skip the next 4 stitches and dc into the 5th one:

skip 4 dc, dc into next dc








then dc in each stitch the rest of the way around, sl st, chain 1 but do not turn.  Then sc in each stitch around, sl st to join, fasten off and enjoy your gloves!!!

Have fun!



awesome fingerless gloves September 23, 2009

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I actually designed this pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s taken this long to post it due to the fact that no matter how many times i went to the store i kept forgetting batteries.  Even yesterday when my only mission was to go to Kroger and buy batteries ~ i only brought enough cash for batteries but what did i come home with?  cat food and laundry detergant. 

But never fear!!  I achieved the impossible today (with the help of a grocery list!) and i bought batteries!!!  My younger sister, Jessica, stopped by and i had her model the glove for me.  I’ve made 7 of the gloves so far and Tasha likes to bring them to school and give them to her friends!

Here is the pic of the glove on my sisters hand:



and here is the free pdf download: awesome fingerless gloves






and from the pics that i downloaded today, here are the best kitty ones!!:

  this is Rose sleeping all curled up in a pile of her own fur


and this is our all white cat, who we ended up naming ‘Scarface’ (he still has a spot under his eye that is discolored from the eye infection he had)











and i took this one last month, it’s one of the white/orange tip cats doing an impression of Bloom County’s Bill the Cat:



Have fun!!



Extra Credit June 10, 2009

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so i finally figured out how to look up activity on my ravelry page and i am super excited to show off these projects by other ravelry users!! oh, and if you’ve made one of my patterns and haven’t seen it posted anywhere on this site, just paste a link in the comments and i’ll get it!

 afternoon delight turtle (

christi   by Christi











kiwi bird ( pdf here: My_Crochet_Kiwi )



by kikaa









by plentimawfish










evil minions/hostile bunni  (pdfs: evil_minions  hostile_bunni )



by babyfirelizard










by princessdelerium














silly blue whale  (pdf: silly-blue-whale )



by safia











by widneywoman










NERDY BIRD!!!!!! (



by pinktoque










overboard (overboard)



by littlelora














flower scarf (pretty-pretty-flower-scarf)

by tingletangle


by tingletangle












by cbagary















by frabuleuse















by hariotmagee










by knitnut















by pania















by suzyteacup














Thank you guys very much!



my flower scarf rocks… June 8, 2009

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…..and so do the people that made it!!    (link to the pattern:

Here is my flower scarf made by fishbonette over at ravelry:

  LOVE the yarn!! 


And here is one by Circe (? french blog so i’m not sure of the name!!)













Thanks again to everyone who makes or even thinks about making one of my patterns!!!


EDIT:  just found tingletangle’s scarf on ravelry ~ AND IT ROCKS!!!

by tingletangle


Squiddly Cat Toy!

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Here is the new pattern for the cat toy i designed, semi-pic on the next post but i’ll post a good pic soon.  It takes like half an hour or less to make and the cats and kitties have gone insane over them!!!

Good pic of the toy!!:

squiddly cat toy! by you.

Click here for pdf:

squiddly cat toy


Here is Chewy playing with the toy:

016 by you.


and this is Tasha tempting the cat with the toy:

003 by you.


And the whole time i’m typing the pattern this is in my lap:

  He still doesn’t have a name yet, so any suggestions are welcome!!!


have fun!



chooooooocwat caaaaaaaaaaake! March 25, 2009

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Maddie loves baking stuff without a recipie, and my god she worked wonders this time!!!   We were out of baking soda and baking powder, but that didn’t stop her~ she made a delicious heart shaped shortbread thing with chocolate drizzled fruit on it!!

maddie made a cake by you.



Mommy came over to pick up Tasha last weekend and brought me 2 bars of dark chocolate~ which Maddie used for the cake.  All of it.  And then true to form, her and Adrian decided to splash spoonfuls of melted chocolate at each other leaving me a giant mess on the floor.  Without a mop.  But you know what?  I ate more than half of the cake~ that girl can mess up the kitchen all she wants if it means i get dessert!!!!!


I also finally got to start and finish a crochet project without getting drinks spilled on it by the cats~ i used this pattern

(  Super easy and fun to make, but the next one i make i’ll use actual google eyes instead of a sharpie!!

bunny by you.


Adrian got a good picture of Twinkletoes sleeping:

twinkletoes by you.  (the stain on the floor is fingerpaints!)


Here is our beauty queen, Milkshake:

Milkshake on the porch by you.


Here is what was under the pillow:

French Fry in the middle by you.


And here is sleepy Worry Wart:

Worry Wart by you.