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tasha likes hats February 16, 2010

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Tasha loves when i make her hats, which is just fine with me cause i love making them!! 

I may have posted this already, but this is called the convertible hat (

  both tasha and madaleine have been taking turns wearing it

next up is the swirls cap (

  this one fits madaleine better, but the color is more suited for tasha.  they both look great in it though!

Boomer started being in heat this week and the boy cats that haven’t been fixed yet have been uber-spraying up the house.  They’ve been exiled to the porch and garage.  So what does boomer do?  She sticks her head out of my bedroom window and meows, and there are some boy cats outside that i’ve never seen before!!  Too bad for them!

Now that the house has been relatively boy cat free this week, Rosie is loving all the attention!!  Here she is happy to have her spot back on our bed:

And what’s even better than getting her spot back?  Adrian!!!!!  By far her favorite person in this house!! 

She follows him around everywhere, she even starts wagging her tail when she hears the schoolbus coming in the afternoon!  Here he is coming out of the bathroom:

Adrian wanted me to make a toy for her so i made a snake (

she loved playing with the snake until she got side tracked by her all-time favorite toy ever……PIPE CLEANERS!!!!!

  (she’s waiting for me to give her back her pipe cleaner!)

Every morning i hear meowing in my room and everytime i look down there she is walking around with a pipe cleaner in her mouth and meowing at any cat who dares come near her!!

Oh, and how did i find out that Boomer was in heat?  I saw her run upstairs and a second later 5 of the boys were chasing her.  It took a bit but i hunted down all the boys and escorted them to the front porch.  I’m thinking “whew!” until i see Boomer rolling around like crazy in the living room.  I search the house again and i find this guy:

  I guess it’s not all bad, he is by far the friendliest, sweetest cat ever!   After all the trouble i’ve gone through this week keeping the cats out, i better not see a bunch of baby tobys or baby twinkles!!!




Dubbi the cat January 13, 2010

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Everyone calls him ‘dubbi’, but his real name is ‘double-D’ from the cartoon ‘ed,edd, and eddy’.  He belongs to our neighbors across the street, but for the last week he has made himself at home here. 

I’ve seen him hanging around our porch, fighting with Toby and sleeping under the car.  He’s even come into the house on ‘cat food’ days (aka~ days we buy the giant bag of cat food!) , but when he’s done eating he runs to the door and waits to be let out.  A few days ago i woke up in the middle of the night to turn off the bathroom light and this is what i saw:

 and just so you know, he is by far the largest cat i’ve ever seen!

He is super friendly, he rolls on his back when you pet him and purrs like crazy!  And he’s not sketchy like some of my other cats!!

Here he is getting comfy next to Luis last night:

None of my cats have a problem with him, exept Toby, and he uses the litter box so he can stay as long as he wants to!!

As for crocheting, i’ve made 3 of these hats so far:

This blue one is for my brother’s girlfriend, Megan.  I found the pattern on craftster, here is the link:

~the only changes i made to the pattern was i used a size I hook instead of K, and i continued crocheting around the brim instead of chain-2/turn. 

I also made a few cat hats for the girls, this is the first one i made.  Please note the unfinished yarn ends sticking out of the sides (natasha couldn’t wait to try it on!)  And for the record, this pattern ROCKS!!!

  She is such a sweetie!!

Oh, the free pattern for the cat hat is here:

And i will do another show-and-tell post with projects made with my patterns in the next few days!!!! 




a work in progress November 11, 2009

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My older sister, Jennifer, has been wanting me to make her one of my pretty pretty flower scarves for a while now.  So i started going through whats left of my yarn (thanks, cats!) and found a bulky super soft dark brown that i won for having the cutest kitten picture in a group over at ravelry.  She wants a scarf with blue or green flowers, but i reallllllllllllly wanted to use the brown and then it hit me:  the brown can be the fence with the flowers running up it!!  

So i am now in the middle of designing a new flower scarf, called ‘flowers on the fence’!  I have a very strong dislike for sewing stuff in crochet only cause the stupid ends never stay hidden, so this will be another no-sew scarf~ the base is the brown fence, then there will be a green vine with leaves crocheted onto it, along with a flower ‘row’.  I’ve already got the green vine with leaves figured out, i’m still working on how to make the flowers in one ‘row’. 

Here is the brown that i have done so far:


I would already be done with it, but when i went to the kitchen to throw some chicken in the oven the cats had dragged most of it down the hallway and stairs!  I picked all of it up and caught Boomer trying to grab it again.  Here she is staring at it, waiting for me to look away for just one tiny second:

  she wants it real bad!!!


Baby Carrot is doing wonderfully at our house~ still the most purr-iest kitten we’ve ever had!  She loves sleeping next to me, and here she is on my spot:


And here she is again about half an hour after i moved her over a bit:

  she even purrs while shes sleeping sometimes!


I couldn’t resist taking a close up pic of her:

  what a sweetie!!!!





baby carrot is the new kitten November 9, 2009

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Natasha wanted me to drive her up the street to see if her friend could play.  She went to the front door and as i’m sitting in the car i see a little orange kitten running up to her.  She asked her friend if it was hers, but her friend thought that it was one of ours!  I knew it was coming when she picked up the cat and turned towards me……”mom, can we keep the kitten?”

Really?  When have i ever said ‘no’ to a homeless baby kitten?!!!!!



Adrian came up with her name~ Baby Carrot!

She is super super friendly, and the best part…… She uses the litterbox!!!!!!!!  

She is still apprehensive about the big cats but she adapting quickly


My side of the bed is on the right, and everytime any of my cats sleep next to me it’s on the left.  Not Baby Carrot!

Here she is like an hour after we brought her home:


The coolest thing so far about her is that she is a little purr-bot!  I love happy kittens!!

Tasha found her under her blanket later on in the day:


and this is how i woke up this morning:


And we found a home for 4 of our cats lasr week!!  My husband came home from work with a cage and said he knew a family that wanted a girl cat.  I put the two orange girl kittens from across the street in, and Luis grabbed an orange-tipped white girl and Cheeto and brought them over ~ btw, i didn’t know he brought Cheeto till later!    He came back with an empty cage and said that the two children fell in love with the kittens and the parents fell in love with the big cats!  He said the family lives on a gigantic property with horses and dogs,  and they had been wanting cats for a while since their previous cat died of old age.   Hey, maybe they’ll be interested in a couple of our ‘spray up the entire house’ cats!!!

The two boy kittens from across the street are still here (no shock there!) and my brother Sebastian LOVES one of them~ the growly one from the video in the previous kitty post!!  We ended up naming him ‘Hagar the Horrible’, and here he is hanging out on Sebastian:


and now he’s taking a nap on Sebastian:


and then we were joking around about ‘i’m lovin’ it’ from the McDonald’s slogan, so i got this pic of tasha and sebastian:


And to finish off this post, here are some projects i get to show off:

From my pretty pretty flower scarf pattern:

  by woolymountain

 by Jardiniere

 by threadfulart


From my squiggly cat toy pattern:

 by knitting techie

 by TokyoKyotoxx

 by elenerv


From my afternoon delight turtle pattern:

 by mccrowthers

 by jacintillating


 pinkphreek is still working on one!!


and from my overboard pattern:

 by ivory142 ~ she named it ‘elmer’!!!  cute!!





Kitties are doing better! October 15, 2009

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The medicine is working wonderfully, and the kittens are doing much better!!  Only the smallest girl still has a tiny bit of red around her right eye, but no more goo and no more sneezing!!!   Still pooing in corners, but our living room has tiles so clean up is easy.


My cats are more tolerant of the babies now, and Super Cheeto Friend treats them like her own!!!

  My favorite pic so far!!!


and usually Momo is a real a-hole to other cats, but he likes this little guy:

 that’s his arm on the kitty.

The kittens have been pairing up with big cats today, except for this girl:

  infection is gone, but she’s really sensitive and squirmy when i try to clean her face~ still working on it though!!


this little girl is glued to cheeto:



and this little boy was listening to the michael jackson ghost video from CNN:

  Killer video by the way, here is the link:


In the earlier post, Blubee was sooooooo not having anything to do with the kitties.  Well, now see:


I need to keep an eye on her!!! 

Last but not least, the first night they were here i treated them to ham~ here is the link to the video:





adventures in babysitting October 13, 2009

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Our neighbors across the street have a litter of kittens in their backyard, and me and tasha thought it would be hilarious to bring them over and then act like they were ours!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  It totally worked too, cause the look on Luis’s face was just priceless!!!!

Our cats have just gotten over a kitty-cold (lots of sneezing and eye goo) and we noticed that the poor little baby kitties had gotten the worst of it!   Only one of them was really sneezing, but i decided to keep them here for a couple days (out of the cold rain that started last night) and nip this cold in the bud

Here are the kitties yesterday (blurry pic)



 the pic is blurry, but you can still see how gross their eyes are~ it’s hard to give them medicine where they live cause the second you go near them they run under the shed!! 


The same kitty virus keeps getting passed back and forth between our cats and since the kittens are the youngest and the first to show symptoms i am treating them and hopefully stopping the viscious cycle!!!



The first few hours they were here were spent sleeping and eating…….and hiding from my cats!  You would think my cats would be a bit more tolerant of the newbies, but no such luck.  Execpt for Pork Chop, he took a nap with the kittens.  And he didn’t hiss at them! 

Today was spent exploring the kitchen and the living room, and pooping all over the kitchen and living room!  I spent the day cleaning the kitchen and living room~ PEEEEE-UUUUUU!!!!!


After their second dose of medicine today i rewarded them with……….HAM!!!!  They loved it!!!!  Here is a pic of them eating:







The lighter one on the right is the ‘top cat’ (aka. bully) and ate whatever ham he could reach!


All the other cats could smell the ham and were just itching to get some:



If i had taken one step back you’d be able to see 5 more cats sniffing around!!!  (btw: the yellow-y stain by the door is paint from a not-quite-dry-yet art project)





As soon as they finished the ham they were off to explore the upstairs (yes, and poop all over it too!) 





 “Enough with the ninja already!!!”






The other 2 kitties decided to check out tasha’s room:




The girl under the tv stand is the runt,  and is very apprehensive about everything!  The boy above her is the alpha kitty of the bunch.


I super extra lightly wiped their faces/eyes last night, but it was a bit too much for them so i’ll work on goo-removal later tonight




Here are some of my favorite pics of  ‘alpha-kitty’:





























And Blubee is having none of the kittens shenanigans:











Blubee was named by tasha because her fur has a blue-ish tint to it~ super gorgeous!!  Here she is sleeping on my bed last night:









And like an hour later i got this one of  Momo and one of the boys that still doesn’t have a permanant name!









Scarface loves hanging out with me when i’m on the computer, but i guess he got tired of waiting for his turn:









Madaleine was telling me all about the fair that she went to with her friends, and i guess Scarface thought it was his bedtime story:








Sweet dreams kitty!

(he’s sleeping next to Blubee)


 Oh, almost forgot!!!  Just one quick thing about my birthday~

Luis surprised me with a cake that one of friend’s wife makes:




pretty cool! ~ and blonde like me too!







Let’s look a bit closer:






Can’t see it just yet?





How about now?!:



BOOBIE!!!!  lol!!!  madaleine had a friend over to spend the night, and a couple girls from next door were over hanging out when Luis brought the cake in~ we were laughing so  hard!!!



What was really special to me was after they all sang ‘happy birthday’, Madaleine got her violin and played the song for me!!!    Then i ‘shaved’ barbies armpits and back and cut into the cake!




and here is what scarface was doing then:













awesome fingerless gloves September 23, 2009

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I actually designed this pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s taken this long to post it due to the fact that no matter how many times i went to the store i kept forgetting batteries.  Even yesterday when my only mission was to go to Kroger and buy batteries ~ i only brought enough cash for batteries but what did i come home with?  cat food and laundry detergant. 

But never fear!!  I achieved the impossible today (with the help of a grocery list!) and i bought batteries!!!  My younger sister, Jessica, stopped by and i had her model the glove for me.  I’ve made 7 of the gloves so far and Tasha likes to bring them to school and give them to her friends!

Here is the pic of the glove on my sisters hand:



and here is the free pdf download: awesome fingerless gloves






and from the pics that i downloaded today, here are the best kitty ones!!:

  this is Rose sleeping all curled up in a pile of her own fur


and this is our all white cat, who we ended up naming ‘Scarface’ (he still has a spot under his eye that is discolored from the eye infection he had)











and i took this one last month, it’s one of the white/orange tip cats doing an impression of Bloom County’s Bill the Cat:



Have fun!!