gnat on the windshield

splat, splat, splat

Watch “Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer!” on YouTube May 18, 2013

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kitten season again May 17, 2013

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there are 3 litters of kittens here now, 2 of them are on my front porch….the third litter is in my kitchen & havent mastered the art of the litter box yet lol!


i brought the older outside kittys in & they all took over the cabinet


and my leg is the favorite toy!


cat food mystery solved! January 21, 2011

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i know i have a gazillion cats here, not to mention the few strays that also eat on the front porch……..but a bag and a half of cat food every day?!!?

This is why:

This is Gabe, i think he lives on the farm behind us. 

In this pic it is easier to see just how giant this dog is compared to one of our bigger cats, Moo Cow:

i think i should start buying dog food, too!!




i get Lost May 8, 2010

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i never really cared about watching ‘Lost’ until i ran out of tv series to watch.  i think it was the same closed-mindedness that kept me from watching Battlestar Galactica for so long.  That, and i remember being so uninterested in listening to a radio morning show discussing Lost that i didn’t think about it twice~ until a couple weeks ago when i ran out of stargate episodes to watch.  Thanks to Hulu and my mom saying it was a good show, i dove right in………. and i love it!!!  and Sawyer is so freakin hot!!!!!    anyway, my sister Jennifer just sent this to me and i still can’t stop laughing!!!

How the Lost characters make peanut butter jelly sandwiches:

1. Gather ingredients
2. Point gun at ingredients and shout “HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH OUT OF YOU?!?!?”
3. Breathe heavily through your nose as though you were about to hit ingredients
4. Give up and make the sandwich yourself, and eat it bitterly

1. Make separate sandwiches, one with peanut butter and one with jelly
2. Take a bite of the peanut butter sandwich, declaring it the best
3. Take a bite of the jelly sandwich, declaring it the best
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 ad infinitum
5. Follow peanut butter or jelly sandwich into grave danger

1. Throw the jar of jelly at wall, sneering “I don’t need no sandwich”
2. Call the mascot on the jar of peanut butter lots of clever nicknames
3. Huff and puff and stomp around and grumble a lot
4. When no one’s looking, make perfect, even, symmetrical peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sit in a corner, enjoying every bite

1. Sit idly by, believing that the ingredients will find a way to make a sandwich out of themselves
2. Lose faith and make the sandwich anyway
3. Realize that you were the instrument by which the ingredients chose to make a sandwich after all
4. Run around the room and grab everyone’s knives, insisting that their sandwiches will do the same in time

1. Make sandwich
2. Eat sandwich
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 ad infinitum

1. Procure 23 milligrams of uranium-20
2. Set hadron supercollider to eight megajoules
3. Program a sandwich-making macro using Cobol or Visual Basic
4. Act all tough-like

1. Eat sandwich
2. Call the sandwich “brother”
3. Place peanut butter slice over jelly slice
4. Spread jelly on the other slice
5. Spread peanut butter on one slice
6. Take two slices of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly

1. Steal someone else’s sandwich
2. Claim you coerced them into making the sandwich for you all along
3. Say you’ll tell them everything if they make you another sandwich
4. Stare at them all creepy-like

1. Lay out plans for one of the most intricate, fascinating, and delicious sandwiches of all time
2. Just as you start making it, get shot

1. Mmmmmmm, peanut butter


Ten-Zero-Six and lots of snow March 3, 2009

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Out of all the products ever made for acne, the only one that ever worked wonderfully was Bonne Bells Ten-Zero-Six.  I bought it at a mall over 15 years ago and it rocked!  I haven’t been able to find it at any stores here for years and years and years, and now that Madaleine needs pimple stuff seeing as how she unfortunately inherited my genes for super acne (sorry bout that!) i was on a quest to track down the elusive wonder-astringent!!!!

AND I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so freakin excited~ i swear this is the absolute best acne whatever out there!!!!! 

048 by you.   


On to the snow:

It snowed on Sunday and just as Adrian predicted the power went out.  For three insanely freezing cold hours.  And right when i had put hamburgers on the stove!  Oh, and when the power came back on guess how i remembered about the burgers?!   yeah, i know, i should’ve turned the burners to ‘off’ instead of leaving them on ‘high’~ i was in the mood for papa johns anyway.

Here are pics that Madaleine took for me (she’s in charge of weather photos cause she takes the best ones!)

018 by you.

037 by you.

005 by you. i like this one cause of the raindrop!


015 by you.


Natasha got a huge pile of snow and formed it into ‘Bob’,  a snow frog:

046 by you.  it really really looked like a frog!!

047 by you.  Sorry, sweetheart!  No prince today!

She was really upset though, cause about ten minutes later Hamster accidentally knocked it over. 

Tasha took a kitty outside pic:

008 by you.  This is either Super Cheeto Friend or Sandy (i can’t tell!)


My computer got a crap load of viruses and i have had to re-boot it three times in the last month, but it’s all fixed now so i can start taking and posting more stuff again!!!!!

My new obsession????   Music and movie downloads!!!!! 


1.  download this:     this program thing is downloads the movies and stuff onto your computer.

2.  search for torrents.  there are TONS of sites to download torrents from but the one i use is: 

 3.  you will need these two codecs: (download the thing, you can uncheck everything just not the codec!, totally free)

     (also free)

4.  i also needed an ‘ac3’ codec for sound, get that here:  

 (you might need this download from microsoft if you have an older version of windows media player: )

5.  For non-virus/non-spam torrents, this is the BEST page to go to:  

6.  Other secure user name links that are good are these:

If you’re looking for a movie and it’s not listed at these three sites, it’s just not available yet!

Always download .avi files!!!



Downloading movies and what to do (aka. How to get a movie without downloading viruses)

1.  Let’s say you want to see the movie ‘Role Models’

  (it’s really funny, i saw it last week!!)

2.  Now go to this link:  (same link as above)

this is the page for role models :[2008][Unrated.Edition]DvDrip-aXXo

3.  click on ‘download torrent’ , then click ‘open’ and it’ll open the bittorrent program you just downloaded.  then click ‘ok’  and the movie will start to download in the bittorrent box.  when it’s done, just go to the ‘downloads’ folder on your computer and it’ll be there!!!

4.   In the download box you just clicked ‘ok’ on,  note that it lists the files you are downloading.  

      1.  the text file ‘demoniod’ is just the tracker/uploader info page.  harmless.

      2.  the blue computer icon thingy is a system info for the movie.  also harmless.  you can uncheck both if you want, no biggie.

      3.  the movie icon, this is the movie file!!  don’t uncheck it!! 

5.  on my computer it takes like an hour or less before the movie is done.  when it’s done, i get a conversation bubble that says ‘blah blah blah is finished downloading’.  go to the bittorrent shortcut on your desktop (the green one with the white swirly thing) and open it.  Then click on ‘completed’,  then click the movie title, then hit the red X to remove it.  All done!!!


What NOT to download (aka.  I killed my computer so you don’t have to)

1.  DO NOT download torrents that have movie files with .wmv, .wmp, .rar!!!  Why?  i have yet to be able to find a way to play .wmv or .wmp files, and usually those are just spam anyway.  if you download one and push play it’ll just have a message that says you have to go to a website and fill out offers or it’ll say to purchase  a special movie player (i.e. purchase viruses!)   Same with .rar files.  unzipping/opening them and jackpot!  you win a trip to the store to buy you’re very own new computer cause the one you just had died….from a virus or 50.  so don’t download those.

2.  DO NOT download torrents with any text pages entitled ‘Readme’ or ‘Password here’.  just virus-y spam.  total crap.

3.  DO NOT download torrents that have like 50 compressed files.  even if the site is totally trusted, i wouldn’t risk it.  plus, who the hell wants to unzip a million files just to watch a movie!!

4.  DO NOT download torrents that look ‘iffy’.  for example, a file for ‘Coraline’ thats been up for 18 weeks.   or a movie file with no text info.   or a movie file thats only been up for a few hours and already has hundreds/thousands of ‘seeds’ and ‘peers’.  (

5.  DO NOT download torrents for movies with the wrong genre, like a comedy listed as ‘action’ or ‘thriller’.  Total spam.


 For the movie ‘Role Models’, here are some links to BAD files so don’t download them!!  this is just to show you what bad ones look like:  (this one has ‘readme’)  (wmv extension)  (not only does it have ‘readme’ text, but it’s listed as an ‘action’ movie!!! )  (this one is .rar,  compressed files= password=VIRUS!!)


What do the abbreviations mean?



There are 5 parts to a torrent file ‘name’. 

1. (Role Models) The name of the movie (or book, or whatever.) 

2. (TELESYNC)  The format in which the movie was released.  Other ones are CAM, DVDrip, etc.

3. (XviD)  The technology used to encode the movie.  (Divx is another one.  also Ac3)

4. (ORC)  The name of the person responsible for releasing the movie.  Others are axxo, devise, vomit (gross, i know, but ‘secure’)

5. (TPB)  The tracker name.  (TPB stands for The Pirate Bay, others are ISOHunt, or Torrentbox)


CAM:  camcorder recording, usually a tripod set up right in the theater.  (i downloaded one where you could see the corner of a seat through the entire movie!!)

WORKPRINT:  A copy of the movie made from an unfinished studio version.  ‘movie’ quality, may not be 100% identical to the theater release.  These usually have counters or watermarks.  (the only good version of Paul Blart Mall Cop has a counter running at the top of the screen throught the whole movie, also has ‘property of whatever’ that pops up a couple times throughout.  you don’t notice the counter after a few minutes!)

TELESYNC, or TS:  still a camcorder copy, but then audio fed directly from cinemas sound system. 

R5:  R5 is retail DVD from region 5 (europe, africa, north korea)  not quite sure i understand this, but mainly the picture is DVD quality, the sound is not. 

SCREENER:  theatrical release versions, these are the ones sent to movie reviewers or academy members.  has the occasional watermark that says ‘promotional copy’. (mall cop movie had this)

TELECINE or TC:  lower quality copy reel.  colors a bit off.

DVD-RIP:  final retail version of a film, typically released before its available ‘in stores’

DVD-R:  complete copy of the original DVD.

HDTV or DS Rip:  a recording made directly from tv.


Lomg story short:

1. download these things:

2. go here and get movies:

3.  watch the movies!  (these movies will play on your computer.  to watch them in your DVD player, you need to convert and burn them with any avi to dvd program~ give me a bit and i’ll find a ‘free’ one and post it)



super quick December 12, 2008

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there was nothing to watch on tv so me and the girls started watching videos on the ‘ondemand’ channel, and these are the ones we liked the most:

then when on demand stopped working, the tv was on pbs and there was some celtic women music? on and they were singing enya! love enya, and this is the song they were singing:

and then that reminded me of an AWESOME cd i listened to a million times and didn’t return to my mom for months:

and of course i can’t seem to find any of the other songs on that cd, but it’s really cool anyhow!