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Dubbi the cat January 13, 2010

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Everyone calls him ‘dubbi’, but his real name is ‘double-D’ from the cartoon ‘ed,edd, and eddy’.  He belongs to our neighbors across the street, but for the last week he has made himself at home here. 

I’ve seen him hanging around our porch, fighting with Toby and sleeping under the car.  He’s even come into the house on ‘cat food’ days (aka~ days we buy the giant bag of cat food!) , but when he’s done eating he runs to the door and waits to be let out.  A few days ago i woke up in the middle of the night to turn off the bathroom light and this is what i saw:

 and just so you know, he is by far the largest cat i’ve ever seen!

He is super friendly, he rolls on his back when you pet him and purrs like crazy!  And he’s not sketchy like some of my other cats!!

Here he is getting comfy next to Luis last night:

None of my cats have a problem with him, exept Toby, and he uses the litter box so he can stay as long as he wants to!!

As for crocheting, i’ve made 3 of these hats so far:

This blue one is for my brother’s girlfriend, Megan.  I found the pattern on craftster, here is the link:

~the only changes i made to the pattern was i used a size I hook instead of K, and i continued crocheting around the brim instead of chain-2/turn. 

I also made a few cat hats for the girls, this is the first one i made.  Please note the unfinished yarn ends sticking out of the sides (natasha couldn’t wait to try it on!)  And for the record, this pattern ROCKS!!!

  She is such a sweetie!!

Oh, the free pattern for the cat hat is here:

And i will do another show-and-tell post with projects made with my patterns in the next few days!!!!