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show off November 23, 2010

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I love these posts where i get to show off everyones creations using my patterns!!!!!

Here we go:

these awesome scarves were made using my pretty pretty flower scarf pattern (

this is by dobermon from ravelry

These two are by clare76 from ravelry:

by cre8ladyb from ravelry

made by glassjules from ravelry

this by leila1979:

by sarasaki

by rachelvinrace

by peculyr

and this one by woolymountain from ravelry:

Evil minions using this pattern (

by craftyshanna

by curiouskate

this cat is not fooled!!!

by feederofthepack

by JMN

by leesy

by lillieduck

by needlesnswiffers

by treesh

by acwmaiden

by bijou3owl

I LOVE all these minions!!!!!!!!!  but to be fair, here is the link to the ninja minions pattern which is based off of my evil minion pattern:  

Cat toy pics (

by coffeebuddy, and adorable cat Brodie!

A seasick pic, too!:

by lanouchette from ravelry

And kiwi birds:

by dorsia

by rosellatinn

Everyone has done such amazing work!!!!!!!!

And now for my kitties:

this is Buddy, Minty, and Theadorable hanging out in the kitchen

Frosted Flake and Bite-size baby playing in the kitchen drawer~ the four little ones used to climb into the drawers to sleep!

Theadorable is determined to get away with the yarn!

bite-size baby gets a turn too!

And here is a group shot of kitties in the playroom~ they were chasing one of those plastic egg things that you get from the 50-cent machines in grocery stores:

from left to right: White Trash (named for her constant desire to jump into the trash can), Monkey, Moo Cow, Minty, Blindy (my daughter thought she was blind for a day cause the kitty would’nt follow her finger), and Theadorable