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show off November 23, 2010

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I love these posts where i get to show off everyones creations using my patterns!!!!!

Here we go:

these awesome scarves were made using my pretty pretty flower scarf pattern (

this is by dobermon from ravelry

These two are by clare76 from ravelry:

by cre8ladyb from ravelry

made by glassjules from ravelry

this by leila1979:

by sarasaki

by rachelvinrace

by peculyr

and this one by woolymountain from ravelry:

Evil minions using this pattern (

by craftyshanna

by curiouskate

this cat is not fooled!!!

by feederofthepack

by JMN

by leesy

by lillieduck

by needlesnswiffers

by treesh

by acwmaiden

by bijou3owl

I LOVE all these minions!!!!!!!!!  but to be fair, here is the link to the ninja minions pattern which is based off of my evil minion pattern:  

Cat toy pics (

by coffeebuddy, and adorable cat Brodie!

A seasick pic, too!:

by lanouchette from ravelry

And kiwi birds:

by dorsia

by rosellatinn

Everyone has done such amazing work!!!!!!!!

And now for my kitties:

this is Buddy, Minty, and Theadorable hanging out in the kitchen

Frosted Flake and Bite-size baby playing in the kitchen drawer~ the four little ones used to climb into the drawers to sleep!

Theadorable is determined to get away with the yarn!

bite-size baby gets a turn too!

And here is a group shot of kitties in the playroom~ they were chasing one of those plastic egg things that you get from the 50-cent machines in grocery stores:

from left to right: White Trash (named for her constant desire to jump into the trash can), Monkey, Moo Cow, Minty, Blindy (my daughter thought she was blind for a day cause the kitty would’nt follow her finger), and Theadorable




2 Responses to “show off”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi! I’ve created a ninja minion of my own from a combination of your pattern and the modified pattern by Princess Delirium. I’d like to sell the toys I made to a local yarn shop but I don’t want to cause problems for anyone. Is that acceptable to you? I’m happy to credit you on the tag, if you like. (I plan to ask Princess Delirium also.)

  2. Samantha Says:

    Your cats are so cute, my sister just got a cat they guy that we got the cat from made it sound like it was a kitten and when my sister got to the place and got the cat, lets just say it was NOT a kitten, so anyhow i was looking for stuff to make for it i used sunshines new toy and he likes it thanks!!!!

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