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Squiddly Cat Toy! June 8, 2009

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Here is the new pattern for the cat toy i designed, semi-pic on the next post but i’ll post a good pic soon.  It takes like half an hour or less to make and the cats and kitties have gone insane over them!!!

Good pic of the toy!!:

squiddly cat toy! by you.

Click here for pdf:

squiddly cat toy


Here is Chewy playing with the toy:

016 by you.


and this is Tasha tempting the cat with the toy:

003 by you.


And the whole time i’m typing the pattern this is in my lap:

  He still doesn’t have a name yet, so any suggestions are welcome!!!


have fun!



12 Responses to “Squiddly Cat Toy!”

  1. scrunchyy Says:

    The amigurumi patterns you have designed are cute!!
    Thank you for making them available as freepatterns.

  2. scrunchyy Says:

    Yeah!! I found you on Ravelry!! Your designs are all fantastic!
    Thanks again for sharing them.

  3. Heidi Says:

    we just got one like him and named him Le Fou And boy it was appropriate! I also like the name Finneus.


  4. Isabelle Says:

    Have you named him yet? If not…

    Ailill, which means elf

    Fionn, meaning fair

    Fintan, meaning “white fire”

    Please tell me what his name is!!!

  5. Shari Griffen Says:

    I made one and my cats love it. Although, they like to carry it around in their mouth like their “prey”, so I left the chain string off.

  6. Shari Griffen Says:

    A local animal rescue group has asked for volunteers to donate homemade cat toys that they can sell to raise money. Since it technically will be “sold” (although for charity), I wanted to ask your permission before using your squiddly toy pattern.

  7. LindyLambChopsNZ Says:

    Could you please direct me to your cat toys so that I can have a go at making them? Love the Squiddly! Also want to make some mice, snakes & fish. Many thanks. We are getting a new kitten in two weeks time.

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