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shocker……more kitties April 15, 2012

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Since i havent posted anything in forever, this will be an easy one.  I finally got a new computer that actually lets me upload photos from my camera!!!  So in kitten news, my cat Monkey had her third litter last month…..she sat on her second litter one by one, i think she was just overwhelmed by five babies….this time she just had two little girls:

    This one is named Sawyer








This one is Becky







Monkey has been a super good mommy this time!!





























and our other female cat, Buddy, had a litter of kittens outside….thank god Tasha found them the next day!!


2 boys and 3 girls, all doing great!!!







This little girl keeps hissing every time you go near it, so ive been giving her extra attention:








this is my favorite pic of Buddy’s babies:









We have a home for one of Monkeys babies, this one still needs a place, and i’ve been crocheting a bunch of kitty toys too:











And i was having fun with my camera phone, i took a pic of me & tasha & adrian near the toy machine at wal-mart:








and this one was a hilarious surprise:








and last but not least, it was so nice outside the other day i sat out on the front porch just chilling out with the cats, this one is Dandylion:



2 Responses to “shocker……more kitties”

  1. lucyann Says:

    Sweet little thing’s,but sure grow up fast.

  2. Adam Kaplan Says:

    Awwwwwww! How adorable!

    I work with AllFreeCrochet and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you.


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