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shocker……more kitties April 15, 2012

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Since i havent posted anything in forever, this will be an easy one.  I finally got a new computer that actually lets me upload photos from my camera!!!  So in kitten news, my cat Monkey had her third litter last month…..she sat on her second litter one by one, i think she was just overwhelmed by five babies….this time she just had two little girls:

    This one is named Sawyer








This one is Becky







Monkey has been a super good mommy this time!!





























and our other female cat, Buddy, had a litter of kittens outside….thank god Tasha found them the next day!!


2 boys and 3 girls, all doing great!!!







This little girl keeps hissing every time you go near it, so ive been giving her extra attention:








this is my favorite pic of Buddy’s babies:









We have a home for one of Monkeys babies, this one still needs a place, and i’ve been crocheting a bunch of kitty toys too:











And i was having fun with my camera phone, i took a pic of me & tasha & adrian near the toy machine at wal-mart:








and this one was a hilarious surprise:








and last but not least, it was so nice outside the other day i sat out on the front porch just chilling out with the cats, this one is Dandylion:



it snowed on christmas and i did not take a pic! December 27, 2010

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For almost a month now i could not get my camera to upload, so i found tasha’s little barbie camera and here is what we came up with:

this is Buddy sleeping on my lap while we were watching Despicable Me

 Bite Size Baby sleeping next to me

 me and tasha

What was fun about the pics from the camera was that since there is no flash all the pics were too dark to see, so each photo was a surprise when we adjusted the brightness to see it!!  Lots of them were really bad so we had a blast laughing at how stupid we looked….well, mainly at how stupid i looked!!!

I finally got my camera working, and here is the chocolate creme pie Tasha made for a school project and for Thanksgiving:


And this is why we named this kitty ‘White Trash’:

seriously, she does this every single day!!!

This is Monkey being adorable as always:

and here is Buddy, she knows she likes her picture taken!:

Minty & White Trash sharing my spot on the bed

I love this photo my dad put on his facebook, he is with santa in 1952:

One thing i bought for my kids last minute were these cute piggy banks that have a display of how much change you put in, the best part was that they were $4 each!:

And the best for last, here is a kick-ass ninja minion made by Sarah Courtman for breast cancer awareness:

oh, wait, one more pic~ this is my family years ago at christmas, i’m sitting on my dads lap:




adventures in babysitting October 13, 2009

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Our neighbors across the street have a litter of kittens in their backyard, and me and tasha thought it would be hilarious to bring them over and then act like they were ours!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  It totally worked too, cause the look on Luis’s face was just priceless!!!!

Our cats have just gotten over a kitty-cold (lots of sneezing and eye goo) and we noticed that the poor little baby kitties had gotten the worst of it!   Only one of them was really sneezing, but i decided to keep them here for a couple days (out of the cold rain that started last night) and nip this cold in the bud

Here are the kitties yesterday (blurry pic)



 the pic is blurry, but you can still see how gross their eyes are~ it’s hard to give them medicine where they live cause the second you go near them they run under the shed!! 


The same kitty virus keeps getting passed back and forth between our cats and since the kittens are the youngest and the first to show symptoms i am treating them and hopefully stopping the viscious cycle!!!



The first few hours they were here were spent sleeping and eating…….and hiding from my cats!  You would think my cats would be a bit more tolerant of the newbies, but no such luck.  Execpt for Pork Chop, he took a nap with the kittens.  And he didn’t hiss at them! 

Today was spent exploring the kitchen and the living room, and pooping all over the kitchen and living room!  I spent the day cleaning the kitchen and living room~ PEEEEE-UUUUUU!!!!!


After their second dose of medicine today i rewarded them with……….HAM!!!!  They loved it!!!!  Here is a pic of them eating:







The lighter one on the right is the ‘top cat’ (aka. bully) and ate whatever ham he could reach!


All the other cats could smell the ham and were just itching to get some:



If i had taken one step back you’d be able to see 5 more cats sniffing around!!!  (btw: the yellow-y stain by the door is paint from a not-quite-dry-yet art project)





As soon as they finished the ham they were off to explore the upstairs (yes, and poop all over it too!) 





 “Enough with the ninja already!!!”






The other 2 kitties decided to check out tasha’s room:




The girl under the tv stand is the runt,  and is very apprehensive about everything!  The boy above her is the alpha kitty of the bunch.


I super extra lightly wiped their faces/eyes last night, but it was a bit too much for them so i’ll work on goo-removal later tonight




Here are some of my favorite pics of  ‘alpha-kitty’:





























And Blubee is having none of the kittens shenanigans:











Blubee was named by tasha because her fur has a blue-ish tint to it~ super gorgeous!!  Here she is sleeping on my bed last night:









And like an hour later i got this one of  Momo and one of the boys that still doesn’t have a permanant name!









Scarface loves hanging out with me when i’m on the computer, but i guess he got tired of waiting for his turn:









Madaleine was telling me all about the fair that she went to with her friends, and i guess Scarface thought it was his bedtime story:








Sweet dreams kitty!

(he’s sleeping next to Blubee)


 Oh, almost forgot!!!  Just one quick thing about my birthday~

Luis surprised me with a cake that one of friend’s wife makes:




pretty cool! ~ and blonde like me too!







Let’s look a bit closer:






Can’t see it just yet?





How about now?!:



BOOBIE!!!!  lol!!!  madaleine had a friend over to spend the night, and a couple girls from next door were over hanging out when Luis brought the cake in~ we were laughing so  hard!!!



What was really special to me was after they all sang ‘happy birthday’, Madaleine got her violin and played the song for me!!!    Then i ‘shaved’ barbies armpits and back and cut into the cake!




and here is what scarface was doing then:













i’m playing favorites September 24, 2009

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i love all my kids equally, but i am totally playing favorites right now!  so which one of my kids do i like the most tonight???


and why do i like tasha the most????? (tonight)!!!


cause she bought me stuff!!!  that’s right, my affection can totally be bought!  hahahahaha!!

But for real, my birthday is tomorrow and i wasn’t expecting anything more than a birthday hug (totally my favorite!!) 

Every wednesday tasha goes to church with her mentor, Mrs. Kim, and usually comes home with a handful of church stuff (booklets, crafts, etc) but today she walked into my room with a giant gold bag covered in ‘happy birthday’……… for me???!!!

now one of my very favorite presents that i’ve gotten a couple in the past is one of those big makeup kits full of the most wonderfully generic selections of glosses and shadows endless beauty possibilities………… and OMG is that big black box for me?





 this is  what i was thinking:  “please be makeup please be makeup please be makeup”




i felt like i hit the jackpot!!!! 

here is tasha holding the makeup box:





 we are so waking up early tomorrow morning to do our makeup!!!!!




i’m in total heaven going through all the stuff in the box, and she surprises even more because there’s still stuff in the bag!!!





in addition to the black box of heaven, i also got heart shaped mini candles, a giant candle with hearts on it~ it smells like fruit tea!!~ paper thin peach scented soap petals, honey almond bath soak, and a booklet from the church called ‘basic elements of the christian life’ (she said she grabbed it cause the cover was a pretty blue color!) ~ and ‘navy’ perfume (we both think it smells like my mom and can’t stop smelling our clothes now!!)




tasha totally rocks and i am so glad that she’s just as impatient as me when it comes to giving presents~ honestly, she could have just given me a card and i’d be just as glad but she always amazes me with how thoughtful and generous she can be!! 


happy birthday to me tomorrow!!



Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! October 22, 2008

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(get it, steph?!)  Jimmy was a fantastic friend that died 10 years ago this week, and he is the one that made up the whole ‘gnat on the windshield~ splat, splat, splat’ thing!!!

Anyhow, this is my alltime favorite picture of us:


Wish you were still here!!!




Pan’s Labyrinth (spelling?) September 30, 2008

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Yeah, i’m too tired to think about ‘correct’ spelling right now!  Madaleine was telling me about that movie months ago and i thought it was like another stupid Hellraiser type movie~ you know, with the weird guy with the crap poking out of his face?~ and a couple weeks ago it was on in the middle of the night so i figured i’d watch it.

First off, i didn’t know i had to read the darn movie, but it was cool cause the kids were asleep.  It is such a cool movie though!!  And so sad at the end, too~ but in a good way.

Tasha watched it with me a few days later, and she loved the whole ‘magic chalk’ thing~ and i found her and Madaleine and Kyler playing their version of Pan’s Labyrinth yesterday:


Here she’s drawing the door with the chalk:

010-7.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Now she has to set the hourglass and get back before it runs out:

011-5.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Oh My God!!  Hurry, before it runs out!!

012-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Whew!  She made it back before the ‘door’ shut on her, and she found her items (in this case it was whatever trinkets were hiding in the crawlspace)

009-8.jpg picture by gnathalie2


Yeah!  She can still be the princess of the underworld!!  Go Tasha!!




You are my Sunshine (Dec 14,2007- Aug 28, 2008) September 1, 2008

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Kitty pile! by you. Sunshine is one of them!


Strikin a pose! by you.


Baby kitties by you.Can’t tell which one from the flash


Two of the girls by you.She is the one in the front


My big brother by you.Sleeping with Momo


Secret hiding spot by you.She’s curled up by my leg


Cat toy by you.


Twinkle and Sunshine (copy) by you.Sunshine and Twinkletoes


Sunshine claims the yarn by you.LOVED the yarn bucket!


Three Little Kittens by you.In the middle


Good night, Sunshine! by you.She liked crawling into bed next to Tasha

008 by you.Sunshine and Balto


Sunshine by you.


Sunshine by you.She would eat the corn before touching the meat!


Gotta have turkey! by you.She’s the second in line for the sliced turkey


Sunshine and Alex by you.Her and Alex were best friends


Jan 2007-Aug 2008 by you.This is the last good picture i took of her.  Madaleine liked picking her up and giving her hugs cause she was the only cat that would put both her arms around Maddies shoulders.


I love you, Sunshine