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Watch “Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer!” on YouTube May 18, 2013

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kitten season again May 17, 2013

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there are 3 litters of kittens here now, 2 of them are on my front porch….the third litter is in my kitchen & havent mastered the art of the litter box yet lol!


i brought the older outside kittys in & they all took over the cabinet


and my leg is the favorite toy!


shocker……more kitties April 15, 2012

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Since i havent posted anything in forever, this will be an easy one.  I finally got a new computer that actually lets me upload photos from my camera!!!  So in kitten news, my cat Monkey had her third litter last month…..she sat on her second litter one by one, i think she was just overwhelmed by five babies….this time she just had two little girls:

    This one is named Sawyer








This one is Becky







Monkey has been a super good mommy this time!!





























and our other female cat, Buddy, had a litter of kittens outside….thank god Tasha found them the next day!!


2 boys and 3 girls, all doing great!!!







This little girl keeps hissing every time you go near it, so ive been giving her extra attention:








this is my favorite pic of Buddy’s babies:









We have a home for one of Monkeys babies, this one still needs a place, and i’ve been crocheting a bunch of kitty toys too:











And i was having fun with my camera phone, i took a pic of me & tasha & adrian near the toy machine at wal-mart:








and this one was a hilarious surprise:








and last but not least, it was so nice outside the other day i sat out on the front porch just chilling out with the cats, this one is Dandylion:



not my minty!!!!!!! March 28, 2011

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Minty was the first kitty born in Baby Carrots litter, and me and tasha had to pull him out by his tail after we realized that she was not able to push him out on her own! 

He was always super fluffy, and just like his father he was well on his way to being giant sized.  He and his sister, white trash, have always been like little puppies~ they follow me around the house while i’m cleaning!! 

The one thing i will miss the most about Minty is at night when he did his stealth kitty act, his goal being  to see how long he could lick and purr my arm or face before i shooed him away!!!  I would just keep lifting him up and moving him to the spot behind my knees where he would end up sleeping all night. 

Last weekend i sent the kids outside to look for Boomer cause she was extremely pregnant and didnt want her giving birth under the porch or something.  After looking for a bit i suggested they look in the clubhouse or under the pool deck in the backyard and not ten minutes later adrian came up and told me that minty was dead by the clubhouse door.

He didnt have any bite marks are scratches, just a line of dried mud on his side and a nosebleed.  After what happened to Hagar last year, i think that Minty got hit by a car and took off running in shock, making it as far as the backyard before dying.  What made me even more sad was that me and adrian were looking for him in the front yard the day before and how crushed they were cause they thought he was just sleeping (the cats hang out down there by the creek and its not unusual to see animals there, just too far away to tell exactly which animal it is!)

We buried him there and picked some flowers for him, and i still wish it was one of the mean strays instead.



cat food mystery solved! January 21, 2011

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i know i have a gazillion cats here, not to mention the few strays that also eat on the front porch……..but a bag and a half of cat food every day?!!?

This is why:

This is Gabe, i think he lives on the farm behind us. 

In this pic it is easier to see just how giant this dog is compared to one of our bigger cats, Moo Cow:

i think i should start buying dog food, too!!




it snowed on christmas and i did not take a pic! December 27, 2010

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For almost a month now i could not get my camera to upload, so i found tasha’s little barbie camera and here is what we came up with:

this is Buddy sleeping on my lap while we were watching Despicable Me

 Bite Size Baby sleeping next to me

 me and tasha

What was fun about the pics from the camera was that since there is no flash all the pics were too dark to see, so each photo was a surprise when we adjusted the brightness to see it!!  Lots of them were really bad so we had a blast laughing at how stupid we looked….well, mainly at how stupid i looked!!!

I finally got my camera working, and here is the chocolate creme pie Tasha made for a school project and for Thanksgiving:


And this is why we named this kitty ‘White Trash’:

seriously, she does this every single day!!!

This is Monkey being adorable as always:

and here is Buddy, she knows she likes her picture taken!:

Minty & White Trash sharing my spot on the bed

I love this photo my dad put on his facebook, he is with santa in 1952:

One thing i bought for my kids last minute were these cute piggy banks that have a display of how much change you put in, the best part was that they were $4 each!:

And the best for last, here is a kick-ass ninja minion made by Sarah Courtman for breast cancer awareness:

oh, wait, one more pic~ this is my family years ago at christmas, i’m sitting on my dads lap:




show off November 23, 2010

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I love these posts where i get to show off everyones creations using my patterns!!!!!

Here we go:

these awesome scarves were made using my pretty pretty flower scarf pattern (

this is by dobermon from ravelry

These two are by clare76 from ravelry:

by cre8ladyb from ravelry

made by glassjules from ravelry

this by leila1979:

by sarasaki

by rachelvinrace

by peculyr

and this one by woolymountain from ravelry:

Evil minions using this pattern (

by craftyshanna

by curiouskate

this cat is not fooled!!!

by feederofthepack

by JMN

by leesy

by lillieduck

by needlesnswiffers

by treesh

by acwmaiden

by bijou3owl

I LOVE all these minions!!!!!!!!!  but to be fair, here is the link to the ninja minions pattern which is based off of my evil minion pattern:  

Cat toy pics (

by coffeebuddy, and adorable cat Brodie!

A seasick pic, too!:

by lanouchette from ravelry

And kiwi birds:

by dorsia

by rosellatinn

Everyone has done such amazing work!!!!!!!!

And now for my kitties:

this is Buddy, Minty, and Theadorable hanging out in the kitchen

Frosted Flake and Bite-size baby playing in the kitchen drawer~ the four little ones used to climb into the drawers to sleep!

Theadorable is determined to get away with the yarn!

bite-size baby gets a turn too!

And here is a group shot of kitties in the playroom~ they were chasing one of those plastic egg things that you get from the 50-cent machines in grocery stores:

from left to right: White Trash (named for her constant desire to jump into the trash can), Monkey, Moo Cow, Minty, Blindy (my daughter thought she was blind for a day cause the kitty would’nt follow her finger), and Theadorable




clearer instructions September 10, 2010

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i recently got a request for help with my evil minion pattern, and i realized that i keep leaving out the super cool * symbol for stitch repeats!  anywho, i rewrote the evil minion pattern to hopefully make it easier to follow, you can download the pdf here:evil

and we all know i can’t write a blog entry without kitty pictures!!!!

this is Theadorable sleeping next to Boomer, and little baby Roger made himself comfy right on top:

Here is newborn Bite-size Baby crawling on the scarf i was working on:

We named her ‘bite-size baby’ not only because she is the tiniest kitten ever born in this house, but also cause Tasha could fit her head in her mouth!

and here is Rosie & Theadorable chilling out on the couch:




flower scarf tutorial August 15, 2010

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a tutorial for my pretty pretty flower scarf was requested, so i made a simple photo tutorial pdf!

pretty pretty flower scarf tutorial


more new kitties!!!! July 13, 2010

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so, boomer, blubee, and baby carrot gave birth to fantastically adorable kitties these past couple months (3 have gone to new homes so far) and a friend of my stepson showed up yesterday with 2 kittens just pleading with me to take them in (of course i did!!) and here are a bunch of cutie pics!!:

Blubee went first and had her babies a couple months ago, and i swear it looked like she had a pile of puppies!!:


About a week later Boomer had her babies:

 ‘one of these things is not like the others’!

Since they’re so close in age they’re now just ‘the kittens…..and rosie’

Here they are storming the castle:

We found a home for Bandana Man and Bender:

And 3 weeks ago baby carrot had her babies~ all of them came out feet first!:

This is Monkey at 5 minutes old:

The two white ones, Minty the boy and October the girl were the first two born:

This is Monkey and his twin sister Thing 2:

Minty always puts his paws on his head when we pick him up!:

and thing 2 likes to escape the confines of the closet:

Badass just chills on the couch not minding the babies around:

Madaleine’s friend Hillary has been here all week, and her and tasha spent all day building a cat house out of packing boxes and fabric from old clothes:

The cats LOVE it!!!  They were inspired to build it by the arrival of Merlin and Magic:

 these two are glued to tasha, and even stay on her pillow while she’s sleeping!!

Guess who REALLY hates that they’re here:

 so what’s the new plan now hostile bunny?!!!

this one is courage the cowerdly kitten:

And booboo baby’s got herself a sleeping spot:

 we named her booboo baby cause when she was about 3-4 weeks old Luis stepped on her~ we totally thought she wouldn’t make it through the night but me and tasha’s words of encouragement obviously helped!!

Hillary took this pic today of Moo Cow:

 i love that you can see his reflection in the window and his shadow on the wall!

Rosie hissed and swatted at the kittens at first, but now she’s glued to them:

she seems to like boomers kitties the most, this is them an hour ago:

and here are baby carrots babies from tonight also:

i think the novelty of ‘pictures of the new cats’ is wearing thin on merlin:

and this is magic in the cat house playing with the cat toy i made:

It’s a really easy pattern, using the generic g hook and ww yarn:

chain 100

r1:  5sc in last chain made

r2:  2sc in each ch around (10 sc)

r3:  2sc in next, sc in next around (15 sc)

r4:  2sc in fisrt, sc in next 2 sc around (20 sc)

r5-7 or 8:  sc in each sc around (20 asc)

r9:sc in next, chain 15-20 (varied lengths your choice), then 2sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain up till 1st ch made.  *sc in next 2 sc, then chain 15-20, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain up*

repeat * all the way around, then sl st and fasten off.