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more new kitties!!!! July 13, 2010

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so, boomer, blubee, and baby carrot gave birth to fantastically adorable kitties these past couple months (3 have gone to new homes so far) and a friend of my stepson showed up yesterday with 2 kittens just pleading with me to take them in (of course i did!!) and here are a bunch of cutie pics!!:

Blubee went first and had her babies a couple months ago, and i swear it looked like she had a pile of puppies!!:


About a week later Boomer had her babies:

 ‘one of these things is not like the others’!

Since they’re so close in age they’re now just ‘the kittens…..and rosie’

Here they are storming the castle:

We found a home for Bandana Man and Bender:

And 3 weeks ago baby carrot had her babies~ all of them came out feet first!:

This is Monkey at 5 minutes old:

The two white ones, Minty the boy and October the girl were the first two born:

This is Monkey and his twin sister Thing 2:

Minty always puts his paws on his head when we pick him up!:

and thing 2 likes to escape the confines of the closet:

Badass just chills on the couch not minding the babies around:

Madaleine’s friend Hillary has been here all week, and her and tasha spent all day building a cat house out of packing boxes and fabric from old clothes:

The cats LOVE it!!!  They were inspired to build it by the arrival of Merlin and Magic:

 these two are glued to tasha, and even stay on her pillow while she’s sleeping!!

Guess who REALLY hates that they’re here:

 so what’s the new plan now hostile bunny?!!!

this one is courage the cowerdly kitten:

And booboo baby’s got herself a sleeping spot:

 we named her booboo baby cause when she was about 3-4 weeks old Luis stepped on her~ we totally thought she wouldn’t make it through the night but me and tasha’s words of encouragement obviously helped!!

Hillary took this pic today of Moo Cow:

 i love that you can see his reflection in the window and his shadow on the wall!

Rosie hissed and swatted at the kittens at first, but now she’s glued to them:

she seems to like boomers kitties the most, this is them an hour ago:

and here are baby carrots babies from tonight also:

i think the novelty of ‘pictures of the new cats’ is wearing thin on merlin:

and this is magic in the cat house playing with the cat toy i made:

It’s a really easy pattern, using the generic g hook and ww yarn:

chain 100

r1:  5sc in last chain made

r2:  2sc in each ch around (10 sc)

r3:  2sc in next, sc in next around (15 sc)

r4:  2sc in fisrt, sc in next 2 sc around (20 sc)

r5-7 or 8:  sc in each sc around (20 asc)

r9:sc in next, chain 15-20 (varied lengths your choice), then 2sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain up till 1st ch made.  *sc in next 2 sc, then chain 15-20, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain up*

repeat * all the way around, then sl st and fasten off.