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super quick post & late thanks! January 31, 2008

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Just found this link through flickr, it’s a japanese pattern page with like 4 or 5 cool patterns!  I want to do the snake first!!!

Alright, so let’s do another episode of ‘Show and Tell’!!!

I recently discovered the ‘incoming links’ part of my blog (and by recently i mean like 3 minutes ago!)  and with a click click here and a click click there i came across…(drumroll)….. knitted sisters blog!! (  !! She made my pretty pretty flower scarf!!


Absolutely wonderful!!  (scarf pattern is here:

I also came across another pattern links page called LinksLinksLinks (

And another one called ‘crocheting lessons’


I’ll post more stuff as i find it!!!




So many patterns!!!

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I do actually have so many patterns that i would have to live three lifetimes to do them all!!  But since i only have this lifetime, i picked a super cool project!!  The free pattern is from Roxycraft ( and it’s the Gabu creature!!!

I made one last night and the kitties just tore it up, so i made a couple more this morning~ i woke up at 3:30am with really mean cramps~ and each one only took about an hour from start to finish!!

gabu.jpg I used buttons instead of the safety eyes cause i don’t have any. 

I also get to test a pattern for KristieMN!!!!!  It’s a really, really adorable trio of sea critters!!  Here is the link to the pic:

And here is the actual photo of her sea creatures:

seaset.jpg Cute!! I just LOVE these!!

 And how about those kitties!!   This is what two of them were doing this morning while i was making the gabus:


And here is Twinkletoes on the couch, he’s trying to figure out a way to get the camera strap!:


And you know how kittens sleep in their ‘fur pile’?!  Well, i’d hate to be the only one asleep!!:

006-5.jpg The one in the middle is just getting the orange kicked right off of her!!  She doesn’t care though, she’s asleep. 

How about a BIG STRETCH!!:

007-5.jpg (yup.  still asleep.)

This pic made me laugh cause i had no idea that the kitty was yawning till i downloaded the pics!

ouch.jpg Ouch!! (kidding, just a yawn!)  And yes, that’s me wearing the Bruins shirt~ it’s Luis’s, i don’t like sports.  But the cool thing is that Adam Sandler wears the same one in the Happy Gilmore movie!

And here is Snowball (mama cat) with the boy kitten. Adrian named him Price Tricky (from the Starfox video game):


Oh, and the sweetest photo EVER!!  This is Momo and one of the kittens, Tasha found them behind the pillow on the arm of the couch:

aaa.jpg Awwwww!!!

Well, i’m off to sit on the couch and eat advil! Yum!



Finish-it Friday!!! January 25, 2008

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I am introducing my very first Finish-it Friday!!!  I have sooooo many projects that are almost done.  So today i am committing myself to finishing at least one project!!  And what have i not finished yet?

1.  Steph’s granny square blanket

2. A pile of amigurumi mushrooms

3.  Oldbaglady’s dragon (free pattern at crochetville)

4. a hot pink monkey]

5.  i know there’s more, i just can’t think!!

 So, later today i WILL post a finished project!!!!!!!  I promise!!!


As promised, here is what i finished today:

006-1.jpg This is just a ‘random pieces’ amigurumi.  I had some ‘bodies’ laying around and whipped this up.

Next up, although technically it’s not all the way finished, i finished making all the stupid granny squares for Steph’ blanket!!!  Assembly can wait till next Friday!!

001-10.jpg All the squares are made with simply soft yarn and the free pattern is over at the lionbrand website (over in my blogroll)

And last but not least…MUSHROOMS!!!

006-41.jpg I had made a pile of these, most of which Steph’s kids took home with them.  These were the unassembled ones sitting on my living room table just waiting for me to bother with it!!!

And what was Cry Baby doing while i was finishing stuff?

005-5.jpg Hogging my side of the couch!!!

While he was taking up all my room, i looked over and Twinkletoes and Snowball were asleep on my yarn box:

004-8.jpg  How cute?  Right?!  Well, i think they just got tired of waiting for me to give them the leftovers of my chicken bagel!

I hope everyone’s getting stuff done today!!!

Have fun!



Lining a crocheted bag January 23, 2008

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Just popped over to craftzine and found this link on lining a crocheted bag



Show and Tell time! January 21, 2008

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Well, kinda.  The leftover yarn blanket i’m almost done with for Steph doesn’t have a photo to go with it, so you’re just gonna have to believe me!!

Over in my blogroll there is a link to KristieNM and her awesome free patterns.  She posted a pic of the fancy feast fish that she made using my free pattern

And here they are!!!

fish.jpg  I LOVE these!!!!!  Great job!!!!

Next up, me and Jenn decided to do a craft project together (due next week!!) and the theme we picked is……a monster using clothes that we are too fat to wear!!!  Here is the shirt i picked to make my monster with:

004-6.jpg  I love this shirt, but too bad for me, i’m too fat for it!  Kinda like ‘right said fred’ : i’m too pudgy for my shirt, so pudgy it huuurrrts!!!  hahaha!!

So the kids friend James came over yesterday, and he wanted my mint chocolate bunny

(  So of course i said yes, and then he did the most awesome-est thing: He made a ‘jacket’ for the bunny using fabric from a sock and then took the smaller xmas tree, glued some felt on top and called it a carrot!!  Here is his bunny now:


Now, i’m sure everyone knows how much i love that crane machine at walmart, right?!  Well, me and Tasha went this morning and she wanted me to do like Spongebob where he keeps his eyes closed!  So i did!!  I ended up getting 3 toys that way!!  The rest are Tasha’s winnings:

028-1.jpg I like the mice the best!

And last but never least,  my kittens!!!  They like to pile up with the bigger cats and sleep under the living room table:

007-4.jpg The ‘fur mass’ is Twinkletoes!!

One of the girl kitties has claimed the heater vent as her spot:


And what do the kittens like about as much as ‘boobie’???  Pork chops!!!

014-3.jpg yummy yummy!



Love the snow!! January 20, 2008

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I love when it snows!!  Probably cause it happens so often. NOT!!  The last time it snowed here was like 5 years ago.  Here are some outdoor pics from yesterday, this one is when it first started snowing:


Madaleine took the camera out and took this photo of our backyard:


And here is a photo of a holly plant covered in snow.  Jenn took this one and i ‘stole’ it from her flickr site:


Steph came down to visit yesterday, and Tasha had fun giving piggyback rides to Annika:


Callan loved picking up the kittens:


Remember how Twinkletoes loves sitting on laps at the fireplace?  Well, looks like we’ve got a copycat here:

043-2.jpg (kitty loves you, steph!)

 I had promised to make a surprise toy for Callan the next time they came down, and i ended up making a few mushrooms.  Forgot to take a pic of them, but Stephs kids wanted more of my stuff, so i let them pick out whatever they wanted!  Callan picked out the light blue nerdy bird~ he’s so sweet!!


And what did Gavin like?  Why, he was partial to the evil minions!!  I don’t think he knows what he’s in for!! 


Oh, and i made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies!! 

This morning, one of the girl kittens decided to be extra cute:






I’ve been noticed!!

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I know, i’m a dork, but a super excited dork!!!  My easy tree pattern is the daily free pattern over at !!!!!   That’s why the site is on my blogroll.  Cause they have a bunch of my patterns there. So yes, Jenn, today i’m an internet superstar!!!